Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project Letter: ET-338

Here's another one of the pastor's letters I received last week! This one is from Ethiopia, where our little guy Yekersew is!!

May the grace and peace of our Lord be upon you.

My name is Gizachew Honelegn, the pastor of Bichena Meserte Kirtos local church. We are partners with the child development center attended by Yekersew. We are located in northern part of Ethiopia, in the town of Bichena.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity you have been providing for Yekersew.

In our community, the dominant religion is Islam and there are some Orthodox Christians and few Protestants. Most of our community members are illiterate and living in poverty; these are the main challenges in the community. Many families are unwilling to register their children in the center or will withdraw their children from the center because of negative influence from other religious groups. 

Even so, the center creates positive impacts on the lives of children. They are more hopeful and confident concerning their future when compared with others. They have access to school and attend classes happily. Two children made a confession of faith in Christ last year. 

The church believes in doing everything it can to break down the chain of poverty. Therefore, we give training on entrepreneurship and encourage our church members and others to learn skills and work hard to support their families. At the Christmas and Easter festivals, the church and the center make fellowship with the children and their local families. At least 20 children from the center and 15 of their family members are our local church members. They serve as deacons and ushers.

Building the relationship between sponsors and children through letters has great value in the life of a child. Children are joyful when they read a letter from their sponsors and get to learn more about them and where they live. When a child writes a letter, he or she develops good communication skills. They also have improved self esteem because they know someone far away cares for them and wants to know more about them. 

Pray for us that we may continue offering an effective ministry and improving the lives of the children. Currently we have more than 220 children at the center and some of them are still waiting for sponsors.

Thank you again for your continuous support to Yekersew. May the Lord bless you and your family!

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  1. I just love how sponsorship affects the parents too!! But it's sad that so many parents are hesitant to sign their kids up. This is a great reminder to pray for the impact of the projects on their communities.


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