Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The last two weeks have been pretty good in some areas. The weather is finally nice, so I am beginning to get some landscaping ideas together to make the outside of our lovely new house a little prettier. Work has been fine. We haven't been deathly ill and are able to pay our bills.

I have had some more success with my adoption fundraising endeavors, as well. My little Etsy shop has had four sales (well, two of those ended up being in-person sales to people I know who live in town). I've sold three sets of coasters and had a special order for 40 pink flower pens. I noticed on my shop stats page that the listing I made for this customer had a lot of page views, so I decided to go ahead and list the other flower pens I have already made, in the hopes that they might attract some interest and I may get some inquiries about big orders of those, as well. If I keep getting large orders like this one, fundraising will be a lot easier and will take a lot less time. Unless some horrible financial situation befalls us (is "befalls" a word?), we will still be submitting our application for adoption at the end of the summer, whether we have $500 set aside for it, or $5,000. There is a lovely saying that I have heard some people throw around: God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. Maybe I've already posted that on here- I don't know, because I post so infrequently sometimes it's hard to remember what I've said in the past. Regardless, I like that saying. There are few things in my life that I am absolutely, positively, 100% sure about, and one of those is that God has commanded me to adopt. It is my destiny. Even if I didn't believe in God, this is something I would be certain about. It will happen- God will MAKE it happen. Between you and me, though, I'd rather He make it happen sooner than later, with as little drama as possible.

Another good thing about the warm weather, besides the prospect of killing my back while gardening, is that Yard Sale Season is almost upon us. My family is a yard sale family. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that certain members of my family are quite fond of yard sales. We usually have a few of them every year, and my dad and pappaw drive around to neighborhood sales practically every weekend. I'm hoping to set up my own little table at any yard sale we might have, with a sign explaining what I'm raising money for, and all my little crafts on display. I really do think I'll make some sales. And even if things don't go swimmingly with my crafts, I still have half a dozen boxes of things we've decided to part with post-move, so hopefully we can bring in a little money with that. My church also has a free outdoor market for anyone who wants to sign up and sell things (whether they be baked goods or crafts or whatever). Unfortunately, I don't think that will take place until the fall. I am looking forward to it, though!