Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pastor's Letter: Honduras (HO-504)

Here's another pastor letter my mom received, this time from Honduras! 

This is Walter Frano, pastor of Iglesia Amor Viviente Church where the Eduardo King Child Development Center works. Here, we minister to Junior. This center is located in the city of Danli, Honduras. I'm very grateful for your sponsorship and for the absolute support you give Junior.

The city of Danli is surrounded by hills, which gives us a tropical weather. There are many needs like the lack of jobs, many broken families, and lack of health care, especially for the children with disabilities.

We have been challenged to evangelize this city because we understand that Jesus' presence is needed to transform lives. The vision of our church is to expand the kingdom of God in Danli and make disciples of as many people as we can for Christ. Our vision at the center is that all children and their parents will receive Jesus as their savior and that they can become a role model so in the future their children will follow in their footsteps.

Children that are taken care of in the center have a vision for the future and they have Christ as the center of their lives. Currently, 50 youth have given their lives to Christ and attend church faithfully. 

As a testimony, there is a young man in the center who learned to cut hair with his dad and he taught other children at the center through a vocational workshop. Many children that attended this workshop now work in a barbershop to provide for their families. The young man that taught them is now self-sufficient and he has his own barbershop at home! 

Compassion International was born in the heart of God to bless others and we are grateful because in a beautiful and successful way they have helped our children to develop comprehensively; many of these children are very poor and couldn't have reached a total development otherwise.

The center has been a financial benefit for the people that work here, who are also part of our congregation. There is a good social outreach from the church and this helps in the development of the community. The church has developed a program donating wheelchairs and orthopedic equipment to people with disabilities. We have been able to bless many people that now can perform better in their lives. 

The relationship between children and sponsors is very important. The sponsors write letters to their children, encouraging them and asking them about their families. Children pray for their sponsors during devotionals and are excited to write back and answer the sponsors' questions. It is a lovely surprise when they are also sent pictures, cards, and stickers. This relationship created with the sponsors makes the children feel appreciated and it encourages them to keep attending the center. I bring this up because there have been cases of children who never received letters for months or even for years and this discouraged them and made them feel sad because they looked forward to knowing the person that has decided to help them grow, even without knowing them in person.

I'm grateful for the support you have given to Junior. I'm sure that God will reward what you do for him!

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  1. It was so fun to read about the orthopedic equipment and the young man's barbershop!!


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