Monday, April 13, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Kenya, Indonesia, and Burkina Faso

Happy Mail Call Monday!!

This week we received three letters! The first was from Motempa in Kenya!!

This is our first letter from Motempa- but we did receive an envelope a month or so ago that should have had a letter from her in it. We accidentally got another sponsor's letter instead! So it was really nice to officially hear from her! Motempa sent her greetings and said her family is doing fine. She said she has moved to the 8th grade, and she is praying for my grandparents, that God will see them through in their old age. :) I'm just going to tell them she's praying for them! Haha.

Next we heard from Prayer in Indonesia!

A while back, I think I wrote all the kids a letter about musics, and I must have mentioned concerts because Prayer wrote to tell me he hasn't been to one in person, but has seen one on TV! He also said he knows what pumpkins are because so many people in his area grow them, and they are his family's favorite! He also said that his dog was stolen, which makes me really upset. I wrote back and told him that if he did not get his dog back, we could pray that the person who took it is at least taking good care of it. 

At the end of the week, we got a letter from Reine in Burkina Faso! 

Reine wrote that her country celebrates Independence Day in December, and that her school terms start in October. She says she enjoys going back to school because she gets to see her friends. She also asked if it is raining or snowing in our country! 

We'll see how many letters show up this week- I'm still expecting some from Carlos and the rest of the Kenya kids, and we have a bunch of first letters that will be arriving over the next several months!!


  1. Reine sounds like our Maria--Maria's favorite aspect of school is the social aspect!! I'm glad you finally heard from Motempa! And I'm so sad about Prayer's dog. I'll be praying for him. But how neat that his family likes pumpkins!! I didn't know they grew in Indonesia!

    1. I didn't either!! I asked him what kinds of things they like to cook with pumpkin- maybe he'll send me a recipe. :)


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