Sunday, April 5, 2015

Getting to Know You: Eduardo

Name: Eduardo
Age: 16
Birthday: May 25
Country: Honduras
Sponsored since: January 2014

How we got him: After a mission team from my church went to Honduras, some of the crew put together a special little presentation about their journey. One church member even wrote a song about the experience. The video they put together, showing sponsor kids from another organization that my church supports, made me cry! Since I couldn't pick up a financial sponsorship, I asked for a child from Honduras. In my mind, I was hoping for a little girl like the precious ones I saw in the video, greeting my church in their beautifully-accented, carefully-practiced English. I was so surprised when I logged into my account and saw stern-looking Eduardo. :) He is a sweetheart, though, even though he looks tough in his photos, and I'm so thankful that he is a part of our family!

About his family: Eduardo lives with his mom, Doris, and his younger brother Victor. He has referred to them as being his whole life- that's all he has. Eduardo's mom has been sick off and on since we've had him as a correspondent. And Eduardo and Victor get up early on Sunday mornings and practice soccer together- they're on the same team!

Hobbies and interests: Eduardo loves soccer!! He plays goalie on a team with his brother. And I think they must be pretty good at it, too! He takes it pretty seriously. I think he also enjoys drawing, because he puts nice little details into the drawings he puts on his letters. His favorite subject is math, he likes listening to music and watching TV with his friends, and he reads the Bible we sent him every night with his mom and brother.

Here are some excerpts from Eduardo's letters!

"I am very happy to write to you."

Eduardo's previous photo

"I have a dog as a pet and he is very pretty, his name is Jueton."

"I pray for you and you pray for me." 

"I say goodbye with much love and affection and may the Lord bless you. Amen." 

"I am happy for the gift you sent me. I liked the Bible, the chain is a very nice keepsake and the Bible and I read it every night with my mom and my family. I like the Bible verse that the chain has. What is your favorite Bible verse?"

The first photo we received of Eduardo! 

"I like the picture, how pretty your mom is, and you." 

"I say goodbye with love. I love you very much, Jessi Jones."

"In my country there is a zoo. There are a lot of different animals there and I really enjoy going."

"You are very beautiful, with all the respect that you deserve. What is your favorite pastime? I say goodbye with kisses and hugs and love. With love and care for you. May God bless you greatly. I love you very much."

"Thank you for always being very attentive of me because you are always writing and I thank God for placing you in my way and that at a distance we are friends."

A gift photo we received from Eduardo! He got a new outfit and some hair gel. :) 

"You told me that you have like mice and that you keep them as pets. My mother works with many mice at a laboratory and I also have a dog named Doki."

"I am glad of getting your letters and post cards and hopefully soon I will receive a photograph. I say goodbye with kisses and hugs."

"What I like most of me: everything"

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  1. Eduardo is so handsome! Don't you love when God takes your picture of the perfect child for your family and changes it? The correspondence program has made me appreciate how God builds our Compassion families!!


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