Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pastor's Letter: India (IN-311)

Here's another pastor letter my mom received! 

Greetings in the name of almighty God. I am Nelson Sumithra, a partner with Compassion International in Delancey Methodist Child Development Centre. We minister to your sponsored child associated with Methodist Central Church located at Humnabad, Karnataka, in India. Thank you for your sponsorship of Swati.

I am very grateful to you for your valuable sponsorship and your prayerful support to the children in need. The center serves the community people; there are different types of community. Hindus, Muslims, and Christian people are living together in this village. People are doing labor work like grass cutting and agriculture labor.

Our church is facing some challenges like quarreling in the families, and some of the fathers of our center children are drug addicts. So we give counseling to them and create awareness on living a moral life.

Our vision is to release the people from spiritual poverty, social poverty, and educational poverty. The impacts of the center in the community are people develop good manners and learn to be happy with one another. They are all living together unitedly, irrespective of caste and creed.

We have seen children are learning spiritual songs and God's word. They are growing in God's word and their knowledge has improved considerably. One of our Hindu girls does not know anything about God's word when she got admission in our center. Few years later she became very active in all the spiritual activities. Now she likes to sing spiritual songs and daily she reads God's word.

We conduct special activities for children like vacation school, retreats, personality development, leadership development training, parents meetings, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Children's Day. Now in our center around 200 family members of our children are attending the church service.

A child feels so happy and praises our God on receiving letters from a sponsor. Letters are a tool for exchanging the happiness and appreciating one another. Letter increases the love and strengthens the relationship. It is good to see the children addressing their sponsors as dear Mom, Uncle, Brother, Sister or Aunty. Please write Swati a short letter as it makes the children so happy to get mail.

Your prayer is always needed. Once again, I am closing this letter with a heart full of thanks.

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  1. I love the image of all the kids and community uniting regardless of religion or cast!!


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