Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pastor's Letter: Togo (TG-120)

Here's another pastor's letter my mom received- this time from Togo!!

I am Amedjonekou Agbelessessi. I am pastor of the Maranatha Child Development Center where we minister to Jaki. This center is situated in the maritime region of Togo. I am really grateful to you for the sponsorship and support you give to Jaki. By this sponsorship, you give hope for a better future. 

The church is situated in a small village called Gbatope at five kilometers from Tsevie. The inhabitants cling to traditional practices, and many are idol worshippers. Jobs are scarce, and nearly all live below the poverty line. The lack of school systems and juvenile delinquency are almost daily threats to our community because some parents renounce their responsibilities and children are left to raise themselves. The church is overwhelmed by the requests of destitute families to register their children in the center's program, but since the number of registration is limited, we cannot satisfy all the demands.

The vision of the church and the center is to deliver the community from poverty and evil in all domains. We aim to act fairly with unconditional love, cultivate altruism, and encourage honesty, in order to build a radiant community where children can live in dignity, with the hope of a better future. The coming of the center allowed the children and some parents and relatives to recognize the value of the church and to confess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

The church has its big mission, which is door-to-door evangelization. The church also makes material donations to the families that are needy.

The letters received from the sponsor are a real sign of love and consideration for the children and their parents. The correspondence gives them a lot of hope and creates a strong link between children and their sponsors. Children wait impatiently for these letters that constitute an open door abroad for them. They learn about their sponsors' culture and way of living. Some even cry when they don't receive letters.

Thank you for your love and affection towards Jaki. I ask you by the grace of the Lord to pray so that the community could be converted to Christ. What an amazing blessing this would be for the center! Please also pray for the strengthening of the parents that are coming to church, and for the holistic development of all the children. May the Lord bless you and satisfy you with His good deeds.

Once again, thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of Jaki across the ocean.

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  1. It made me so sad to read that some kids cry when they don't receive letters. I just finished updating my wall and finally feel caught up with our kids and content with our family size….but then reading that makes me want to volunteer for another 45 more!


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