Monday, April 27, 2015

Sweet Greetings from India, Kenya, Honduras and Brazil

It's the last Mail Call Monday in April!!

I was really happy to receive five letters this week! The first was from Jayid in India.

I'm looking forward to the day when Jayid writes his own letters again! His first two letters were written by him, but after that, we've been getting letters written by the child development workers. They write in English, which is nice. Jayid said that his dad is doing some better (he has been sick with TB off and on for years) but to please keep praying for his work. Jayid also likes to tell me when he makes new friends, and his new buddies are named Aman and Raman. He also likes playing cricket at the project!

Next, we heard from Anahi in Honduras. 

As usual, Anahi's momma wrote her letter! The letter was about her project. She said that there are 371 kids who come to her project!! Wow! Anahi goes to the project two days a week, and she likes to color there. And eat a "variety" of foods! She also got to go on a field trip to Lake Yojoa in Honduras, and she saw crocodiles there! She reports that the lake is very beautiful, she got to swim a lot and eat a lot. They said they are glad to share about their family, and they believe that "family is a gift from God." Anahi said her family is rejoicing that Brandon's uncle Dennis is out of the hospital and doing so much better, and asked that we pray for her family's health. 

Next, we got our first letter from Fatuma in Kenya! 

I think it's really endearing when our kids have cute handwriting. And Fatuma's is the cutest. She wrote in sweet, little-kid cursive. I love it. She filled out a form letter about her typical week, reporting that she wakes up early and eats porridge in the mornings. She shared the name of her school and said that she plays football in the afternoon and then does her homework. Fatuma's favorite day of the week is Sunday, because she likes to go to church. Her church is actually called Lighthouse Church, and they have a facebook page which is really neat to see. They post their worship playlists most Sundays, and it's neat to know what Fatuma might be singing at church!! I think their pastor also got married this weekend ("pastor" is what "Pr." stands for, right?) and they posted pictures of that, too. :) Fatuma wrote quite a bit of response to my other letters. She liked the "name meanings" letter I wrote, and said that she doesn't know the meaning of her name, but she will ask her mom. She liked reading about my grandparents, when I wrote about them after Christmas (and she even used their nicknames, Mimi and Pappaw!) 

We also heard from Gloria in Kenya. 

Gloria had the same form letter that Fatuma did- "My Typical Week." She must have missed letter writing day because her letter was filled out by a project worker, and in her first letter, I was really impressed with Gloria's writing for such a little person! That's ok. : ) Gloria's favorite day of the week is Sunday as well, because she likes to go to church. The project worker shared the name of her school and church, but they were a little hard to read. 

Finally, at the end of the week we heard from Patricia in Brazil! 

Patricia included several responses to past letters. She said that they do eat turkey in Brazil, and that for Christmas she spends time with her family, eating lunch with them after church. She reminded me that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus. She responded to my letter about the drought in California (I thought it would make a good "what's going on in my country, please pray" sort of letter) and acknowledged that the world is running out of water and this is a serious problem. She also said in Brazil they eat lots of fish, and she's never seen a tapir but her favorite animal is a dog. : ) 

We also got three pastor's letters this week, which was pretty exciting. I'll be sharing those soon! 


  1. What a great letter week!! Patricia is so cute to share that they eat fish in Brazil! I loved hearing about Anahi's trip!! And I'm so glad Jayid's dad is feeling better. Your Kenyan girls are precious!! I enjoyed learning more about them and hope that Gloria is able to write herself next time.

    1. It was pretty great! Hopefully some more will come in over the next few days! :)


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