Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pastor Letter: Nicaragua (NI-228)

I hear pastor's letters are being mailed out from Compassion. I haven't received mine yet, but my mom got hers a little while back, and I am going to post them here! My friend Hannah shares pastor letters she receives because they give us a good idea of what goes on in the different countries, and it's a neat insight into Compassion's program. It's also helpful because we know how to pray for our kids! The first letter is from Nicaragua. 

My name is Rolando Jose Silva. I am pastor of the church "Nueva Jerusalem and also the "Camino a Jerusalem" Child Development Center where we minister to Karen.

I thank God for the opportunity I have to serve the church and the Child Development Center, but also for your generous sponsorship of Karen.

The people in our community live in extreme poverty and face social problems, unemployment, malnourishment, illiteracy, and lack of resources, and malnutrition. As a result of the economic situation, our children suffer limitations in the health area, education, emotional health, and especially spiritual health.

As the Center works to change these limitations, we serve the children in a holistic development program. Because of this and the progress the children are making, the Center is well known and respected in the community. The index of malnourishment in our children has been greatly reduced and they receive medical checkups. The children are attending school and are doing well in their studies. They are behaving well and receive psychological counseling if they need it. The Center is also impacting the beneficiaries and their parents' spiritual lives. We have done evangelic services with all the parents and trainings with relevant topics about the spiritual care of the family. We also do community service and extracurricular such as visits to the old people of the community, sport activities, and motivational talks about relevant topics.

The staff has been trained to care the children in a better way. They have also received training on child protection. There is a big commitment by the church and staff who works at the Center to care and protect the children and make sure they are transformed for a better future. We have big dreams with the children. We see them as leaders of influence in our community. We also believe our children are going to make a change in our country when they lead our nation. 

As pastor I can see how very important the relationship between the children and their sponsors, developed through the exchange of letters, is. The letters promote more closeness. The letters are very important to strengthen the relationship and help the child to feel loved. The children are very happy to hear about the sponsors' lives and are motivated to come to the center and participate in activities here and at church and at school. It is very important for you to continue to bless Karen in this way and keep up with letter correspondence.

We thank God for allowing us to serve in His work and to serve His littlest one. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor and for sponsoring and loving Karen.

May God bless you abundantly!

I was going to post a link to a waiting child from Nicaragua, but right now there are no kids available on the Compassion US site for this country! That doesn't mean that there aren't kids waiting for sponsors, though- if you are interested in sponsoring from Nicaragua, you can get in touch with Compassion at their website, or let me know- I'm sure I have friends who have packets for waiting kids from this country!! : )

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  1. I love this pastor's vision for these kids being agents of change for the future!! And I have packets for 5 kids in Nicaragua, should anyone be interested in sponsoring a child from here ;)


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