Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pastor's Letter: Haiti (HA-202)

Here's a pastor's letter my mom received from Haiti! 

I am Pastor Wilsor Etienne. I am leading "Papette" Wesleyan Church and the Papette Child Development Center ministering to and caring for Amitie.

I am proud in my heart while I am writing you this letter to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. I am thanking you for always helping the community through supporting this ministry. I am a former sponsored child of Compassion International from 1980 to 1996. I studied theology from the STEP program. It brings me great honor to pastor with Compassion International and to work with Amitie. You are blessing her.

Our center represents a great bridge in the Papette community, especially in the way it is helping the children to be developed in all domains such as spiritual, socio-emotional, physical and economic. Through this program all parents who have beneficiary children actively participate in the church's service made each Sunday. In addition to this, the children find the opportunity to go to school, to learn many other things in all domains, which can help them to be developed. We also have club activities made for them to allow the children to learn some professions that will be useful for them in their later lives, such as sewing, tailoring, painting, floral art, calligraphy, putting down ceramics, etc.

For all the children at the center to be healthy, our staff visits the children and their parents in order to always know how the child is with his parents, and to encourage them to always attend all the center's activities. This helps the parents to support the success of the center. Also, the work we have done in the Papette locality, especially in this last year with a nice school building, is an extraordinary thing for everyone.

Finally, I thank God and I thank everybody who contributes to this work being done well. We are changing children's lives and releasing them from poverty in the name of Jesus. It's a privilege that God gives us for this big program. Thank you for using this privilege to bless Amitie.

I am asking God to always bless you and protect you and your family.

I love you very much with all my heart.

Pastor Wilsor Etienne


  1. Thanks for sharing all these letters!!

  2. I sponsor a child there have you heard anything since Matthew?

    1. Hi Susan! Unfortunately there are many areas of Haiti that have been out of contact, since the hurricane hit less than a week ago. The only updates we have at this time were that as of last week, no Compassion children or staff had died, but over 1000 children and families at the projects were affected. Due to washed out roads and bridges and iffy communication lines, it could be a few more weeks before we know exactly how our kids were affected. Keep an eye on your email and mailbox- if your child was affected, you will hear from Compassion!


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