Sunday, April 12, 2015

Getting to Know You: Sharifa

Name: Sharifa
Age: 11
Birthday: February 1
Country: Bangladesh
Sponsored since: February 2014

How we got her: Bangladesh is actually on my mind quite a bit. I am aware of a lot of issues there because of some tragedies that have been in the news (much like the 2010 earthquake sparked my awareness of and care for Haiti.) We have lots of patron families at the library who come from Bangladesh. And we also know a missionary there (though the missionary lives in a more dangerous area where Christianity is not welcome- that's why I don't discuss that situation on the blog. Very hush hush.) For a period of several months, Bangladesh just kept popping into my head, over and over again, and I kept praying for the country and looking at the kids waiting for sponsors there, and praying for them, too. And the thought wouldn't go away, so I requested a correspondence child from Bangladesh. Sharifa appeared on my account a few weeks later. :)

About her family: Sharifa lives with her mom and dad, and her dad works as a rickshaw puller. Her family also grows some fruits and vegetables, though I don't know if they just grow them for the family, or they also sell them. Sharifa also has one sister.

Hobbies and interests: Sharifa is really a good artist- her profile on the Compassion website says she likes art and drawing. She also enjoys swimming. There's a lot of water where she lives, so I have a feeling that lots of kids around there enjoy going for a swim! It took a long time to get Sharifa's first letter, and it takes almost three months for her letters to get from her center to my mailbox, so we honestly don't know a bunch about her yet, even though we have had her for over a year! I hope that she stays in the program for a long time, so we can get to know her even better.

Here are some excerpts from Sharifa's letters!

"At first take my Christ greetings."

Our one and only picture of pretty Sharifa! 

"I go to school and project. I do coaching, play sports, dance, and sing songs at the project."

"Now it's summer. This time we get mangoes, jack fruits, lychee fruits, water melon, melon, etc. fruits."

"Greetings of Christ to you. Hope you are all doing well in Christ."

"I come at project and school every day. I attend in my coaching class at project. I take my lunch at project and learn about Jesus."

"In our area people grows cow, goat, chickens, ducks and horse."

"It is rainy season in our country. It rains almost every day. Canals, streams are filled with water. Lily flower blooms in that canals and streams and it looks really nice. We can ride on boat in this season and can travel by it. I like to get lily by riding on boat. Do you like to ride on boat?"

"Here I learn dance and song. I like to play with my friends and we go to church together, sing song, read Bible and have much fun there."

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  1. Sharifa is beautiful and I can't wait to learn more about her as you continue your correspondence!!


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