Friday, May 1, 2015

Compassion Joys: April

It's time once again to count our sponsor blessings for the month!!

 Compassion Family


This month we heard from Julian and Michel in Colombia; Victor, Mary, Gloria, Fatuma and Motempa in Kenya; Elisha and Said in Tanzania; Prayer in Indonesia; Sandier, Anahi and Eduardo in Honduras; Juan in Bolivia; Jayid in India; and Patricia in Brazil! Juan, Motempa, and Fatuma's letters were all first letters!

New Kids! 

We were blessed with five new correspondents this month! Iratuzi in Rwanda, Ana in El Salvador, Pitchaya in Thailand, and Mercy in Kenya all joined our family this month, as well as Grace and Mbiko in Tanzania!

After seeing some posts about sponsors who have requested children to write to in specific projects, I decided to look into this for myself. I inquired about the possibility of writing to a child in two of the centers that I visited on my trip, which had a huge impact on me and I think about these kids every day. I heard back that it was totally fine to ask for a specific center, but it might take a long time. It took about a week! So now I get to write to Grace at TZ229, and Mbiko at TZ341. It was so fun to write their first letters and share with them about my visit! I also sent a picture of myself at each of their projects!

Photo Updates!

A few of our kiddos had updates this month! 

Carlos in Peru

Elisha in Tanzania


We had six birthdays this month! Kajal in India turned 7, Ana in El Salvador turned 9, Juan in Bolivia turned 12, Reine in Burkina Faso turned 14, Estha in Togo turned 7, and Angelina in Ghana turned 11! 


This month we celebrated one year of writing to Kevenel in Haiti, and two years of writing to Mishel in Peru! 


We currently have a gift to Anahi in the mail, on its way to a sponsor who will be visiting Honduras in a couple of weeks! 

Anahi's favorite animal is the turtle, so I was sure to send her a little toy turtle (it lights up!) My mom also found a little turtle necklace, that comes in a turtle-shaped box! Anahi is also getting a simple, pretty dress, some sparkly headbands, a pack of crayons, a ring pop, a little doll, a tiny stuffed bunny, a Hello Kitty toothbrush, and I included a pretty cross necklace for her mom, who always writes her letters! I'm so excited about sending these gifts!! :) 

I also found out that I will be able to send a small gift to Norma in Nicaragua! I will share about that next month, since her gift will be put in the mail next week! 


  1. So cool that you were connected with those two kids so quickly - I'd say waiting a week is reasonable!

    Thanks for linking up

  2. I love the gift you sent to Anahi!!!! And I'm still amazed that God allowed you to be connected with the two kids from the Tanzanian projects you visited!!! What a blessing :)


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