Saturday, May 30, 2015

Project Letter: HA-277

Here's another one of the pastor's letters we've received recently! This one is from Benji's center in Haiti. 

Dear Jessi,

My name is Jean Emile Imbry, the pastor of the Wesleyan Church Philippe in the region of Bainet; Bras-de-Croix. Our CDC is attended by your sponsored child. I thank you so very much for your supports towards Benji.

Our community is going further financially and socially. But, we have some challenges. Our school is not in good condition and then the church is too small. Also, I cannot satisfy all the people who are requesting to enter in the program. So, my aim for the church is to renovate the building and continue to evangelize more people. We are working to add more registered children. Now, we have 280 sponsored children.

Our children are more developed than the other children of the community because they have assistances from their sponsors like school fees, health care, school items, and gifts. One of our girls at the center was wounded by a stone hitting over her head and her parents couldn't afford to tend her. Thanks to the center and the assistance of Compassion Haiti, she had an operation and it happened well, thanks to God. Now, the child is healthy. From time to time, some organizations come to ask us a hand in order to repair the roads. Many parents of the children go to church; some of them attend my church and others go to other churches in the community.

The relationship between a child and a sponsor is so important and capital. A child is always excited to receive a letter from their sponsor. I think it is similar to the sponsors, too. I exhort the children to write good letters to their sponsors. I make sure that I am present by the time the letters are being written because I love to see the children's faces as they write. I hope you know the importance of your letters to Benji and will write often.

I sincerely want to assure you that your child is in good hands because I work in close collaboration with the employees in order to change the life condition of the children. We have a good staff that consists of teachers and instructors to teach the children Bible verses and stories.

I cannot stop thanking you for your supports towards Benji through Compassion International. At church, we are praying for you a lot so that God can bless you much more and give you good health. Please, pray for the children so that God can make a way for them and do efficient work in their lives and that they can always remain in Jesus!

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  1. It's so sad to think that these projects have to turn away kids. Thanks for sharing this. We're never had a kid in Haiti so I loved reading this.


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