Friday, May 1, 2015

Getting to Know You: Kevenel

Name: Kevenel
Age: 8
Birthday: June 16
Country: Haiti
Sponsored since: April 2014

How we got him: Kevenel was the second child we received after I returned from my trip to Tanzania. He's very special to me, as he has the same birthday as my friend Betty, who loved my sponsor kids and passed away almost immediately after I returned from my trip.

About his family: Kevenel lives with his mom and two siblings named Dukens and Richelor. Richelor is apparently his twin, as they have the same birthday. But I asked about this in my response letter to his intro letter, and haven't received any other information! His dad does not live with them, but he is involved in his life, and helped write his first letter.

Hobbies and interests: Kevenel's favorite Bible story is about Joseph, which is also one of my favorites! He likes the color red, and he loves soccer. He's also a really good artist!

Here are some quotes from Kevenel's letters!

"Kevenel is so happy to be writing you this letter."

"He asks you to pray for him, that he may have more knowledge at church and t school."

"He is glad to tell you that there is a library where he lives."

Our first/only picture of Kevenel

"He had a cat, but it died. Kevenel says he likes pets the best."

"Kevenel feels happy to write you this letter."

"Kevenel and his family grow lots of fruit and vegetables like mango and plantain."

"He says he learns about the sport called baseball but has not yet seen a baseball stick."

"Kevenel says that he hopes you stay in God's presence and will pray for you."

"As usual, his family has tradition to celebrate Christmas by gathering together and eat together and talk about all good and bad things they knew during last year."

"He tells you that he loves you so much and he asks God to always protect you and your family."

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  1. Kevenel is so cute. I'm hoping you get to know him better over the years! I remember when he was assigned to you guys and you saw his birthday! What a beautiful memorial to Betty.


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