Monday, May 25, 2015

Pastor's Letter: Thailand (TH-817)

We have been receiving a few more pastor's letters recently! Technically this is from a project director rather than a pastor, but....same difference! This is from Tinnakorn's project in Thailand. 

My name is Mr. Nipon Banditjaroenwong. I am the director of Poeng Kloeng Church CDC where we minister to Tinnakorn.

Thank you very much for sponsoring Tinnaorn and supporting our ministry and center. We are located in a very poor community and our vision is to serve the children, to holistically develop them, and release them from poverty in the name of Jesus.

We offer many outstanding activities which are useful for the children at the center, such as memorizing Bible verses, singing praises, and playing games. For the language foundation activity, we teach the children basic English, basic Myanmar, and basic Karen tribal. For older children, we train them in different careers such as raising the fish, making flowers from the yarn or paper to use in the important day or event. We also teach them how to cook in order for them to develop and make a career out of it. Besides the above mentioned, we also teach them about agricultural work by teaching them how to take care of the vegetables in order for them to grow well. We also celebrate birthdays with the children every month, singing and playing. Many of them have never had this before. And we celebrate holidays.

Besides the above outstanding activities that I've mentioned, the center has many more activities, such as setting up training for the staff. They learn and understand more knowledge of how to take care and develop the children in different age groups. The workers can apply this knowledge and use in their job. We've invited a guest speaker that is an expert in this area to come to share this knowledge with us. The center uses the holistic curriculum of Compassion to develop the children in the four areas of social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development. The children benefit in their transformation from this, but so do the staff and the community and parents. The children are noticeably different from the ones in the community who do not attend the program at the center and they are admired. The children here are very happy and it is clear to be seen. 

The letters that the children receive from their sponsors make them very happy. They feel the warmth and love of their sponsors when they read the prayers and words of encouragement. These letters help to develop their self-esteem and motivate them to continue in the program and at school and at church. They are very eager and proud to share news about their lives with their sponsors and write letters back. It's very important to provide this avenue for joy for Tinnakorn and correspond regularly.

Thank you for loving Tinnakorn and for supporting us in our mission at this ministry and center. You are quite a blessing. May God bless you more and more. Amen.

Little Jorweysoe attends the same center as Tinnakorn, and he is waiting for a sponsor! Read more about him here.

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  1. I loved reading the details of what's taught at this center! And can you imagine never celebrating holidays like birthdays?


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