Monday, May 18, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Thailand, Bolivia, Togo, and the Philippines

Happy Mail Call Monday!

We received four letters this week- and I do know that more are on the way! 

The first letter was from Thanakan in Thailand! 

This was our first letter from Thanakan! She wrote a form letter about her hope for the future, and shared that she does want to get married, and she wants to go to university and become a teacher! She also said she wants to visit the US and meet me- and I hope she gets to do all those things some day! She shared that her parents are going to start their farming soon, and asked that we pray for them. And she asked if it is rainy or snowy where we live! 

Next, we got a very exciting letter from Merlyn!

Merlyn's mom wrote this letter, as she did the last one, and it was filled with so many smiley faces! Merlyn wished us happy anniversary, and asked me to say "hi" for her to "brother Brandon", and then said to "send (her) hi" to all my family and friends! So, hi from Merlyn! She also said that she got the gifts my friend Katie carried to the Philippines for her, and included a little collage of pictures!! It was so neat to see these photos- Merlyn looks so happy! And I also like the fact that she calls me her big sister! She asked that we pray for her mom, to stay strong! 

Next up, we heard from Juan in Bolivia! 

Juan's letter was pretty short, but it was really cute! He basically said that he had a good day on the day he wrote the letter, and he had a salad with his lunch- and he wrote "mmm, tasty!" He sent his love and thanked us for the letters we send! 

Finally, we got our first letter from little Estha in Togo! 

Estha sent a form letter about her community! She shared that she's 90 km from the nearest city, and many people in her community get around by using bicycles! She asked us how we prepare for Easter, and she drew a duck in the drawing space provided! She also said "thank you for always being with me!" 


  1. That's so sweet that Thanakan wants to visit you!! And the photos from Merlyn are AMAZING!! What a fun surprise. I bet Estha's duck drawing is cute and I'm glad you heard from Juan again!

  2. It is such a joy to receive letters from the kids ~ and so fun to send letters off to them too! So many blessings.

    Have a great day!


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