Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Project Letter: LK-408

Here's a letter from our Sithum's pastor in Sri Lanka!

I am Antony Robert, leader of the church in Sri Lanka that runs the Peace Makers Foundation, the child development center attended by Sithum.

The Peace Makers Foundation is very pleased and much thankful to you for giving us this wonderful occasion to serve the children. At the moment there are 157 children registered and out of that 89 are sponsored. We can see there are real changes visible in the lives of the children so we encourage you to continue supporting Compassion International. 

In the beginning parents didn't show much desire to send their children to the church for the center, but now they willingly send their children to the center. In the beginning there were lots of misunderstandings about the center but those all were clarified.

The center is conducted in the church and we face some challenges with the facilities we have at the moment. We have a committed and skillful staff. Teachers are doing the curriculum well and freely. Parents regularly appreciate and give thanks to the church and the sponsors for the development they see in their children. 

There is a big challenge we face on the languages. Most of our teachers are Sinhala but there are many parents who only know Tamil. So it is very difficult for the teachers to communicate with the parents.

In the past year our center has seen changes happening in the lives of the children and the parents. Compared with other children, our children have the opportunity to spend the school holidays meaningfully by coming to the center. We regularly see and hear from the parents that our children are practicing and share the things they learn from the center like good behaviors, songs, and stories.

We see that children like very much to write to their sponsors. They show such willingness to write to their sponsors and they expect immediate answers. The correspondence itself provides encouragement and desire for the children to participate in the center.

We had a wonderful opportunity to support the community on two disaster situations due to flooding and a burnt house. We strongly believe and trust that God may change and use these children to make a real difference in this area.

Once again we appreciate and give many thanks to Compassion International for giving us this valuable opportunity to fulfill the church vision for children. We pray for you all and please pray for us to continue in this commitment and win all challenges to make this vision a reality.

Thank you again for sponsoring Sithum. May God bless you.

Nilupul attends the same center as Sithum and he needs a sponsor! Read more about him here. 

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  1. It was so fun to read a Sri Lankan pastors letter since we've never sponsored there. And I love the impact the project is having on the parents!


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