Monday, May 4, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Kenya

Happy first Mail Call Monday of May!

We just got one lonely letter this week, but it was a doozy! We heard from Rose in Kenya!

Rose had SO much to say in her letter! Even though I have only heard from her twice, I am going to go ahead and consider her one of my top letter writers! Her letter was chock full of information, and there was more to it, but the second page got lost somewhere!! Wow! Rose opened her letter by sharing about her week, which is how this month's form letters were written. She gets up very early, at 5! She also shared that she helps her parents take care of the "little ones" and she loves Sunday because she usually goes to church. Rose responded to my letter about names by saying that her name means a flower, but there isn't a special story behind her name. She enjoyed hearing about my name, too! And she was "so happy" that we got a new baby cousin, Faustina. Rose also thanked me for my comment about her hand-writing (after her first letter, I wrote to her to tell her I thought she wrote beautifully!) I had also asked Rose what kind of science she likes, since in her first letter she wrote that science was her favorite subject. I had mentioned that I would try to find some books and activity sheets to share with her when I found out what her favorite branches of science are. She wrote back that she likes learning about plants and animals, and she will be happy to get whatever I send! She also said that she "thanks the Almighty God" that I got a new job, which I thought was very sweet. Then Rose started telling me about Kenya's fight for independence. She got through a couple of sentences and apparently switched to a new piece of paper, which came detached from her letter somewhere along the way. I hope that it turns up someday, because I have a feeling she has a lot more to say. 

I was also so surprised to see that Rose sent two pictures with her letter! At first I thought there was just one, which was exciting enough, but then when I went to remove the staple from the letter and picture, I found another one stuck underneath! Wow! Rose took these pictures with her dad, and one was taken in her family's compound. What a blessing to receive these extra photos! 

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  1. What a fun letter!!!! Rose sounds like she's going to be a joy to correspond with. And I LOVE the photos!!! What a treat.


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