Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Fork in the Road

Hey folks,

I am going to be blogging in two places from now on- you can expect the same content on this blog, but I am going to share personal posts of a particular nature on another, newer blog. I just feel like it's what I need to do in this season of my life. This blog is about adoption- and while I need to make it clear that Brandon and I are not currently in any sort of official stage of adopting a child (sorry to disappoint), that's where those kind of posts are going to be, and I'll be sharing my heart about the topic there in the meantime. You can read more about what's going on in my head in the first post, which you'll find here. And I invite you to follow along, because maybe from time to time I will have some interesting things to say. I'll definitely be sharing lots of prayer requests and related posts there, too.

Oh, and the nice thing about this particular fork in the road is that you can keep following both roads at once. : ) I just couldn't think of a better phrase at the time of this writing!

Edit: Also, I am sharing this post on my facebook page and other "media outlets" (har) because if I were to share a post from "Jones, Party of Three" on there right now, people would skip the crucial step of actually reading/thinking and start congratulating me or whatever. So I am rolling it out slowly, and covering it up (for the moment) with *this* blog so some certain people don't get the wrong idea! I feel like I've just fed you some clickbait- sorry! But there's a reason behind it! 

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