Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am feeling down this week. One thing that lifts my spirits when I'm having issues with my depression or just feeling particularly moody is counting my blessings, for lack of a better word. I love participating in "30 Days of Thankfulness" in November, but  I want to make a habit out of publicly expressing my gratitude. I think doing a weekly post will help hold me accountable to that. So, for starters, here are 5 things I'm thankful for today.

  • Short shifts. I can't say I'm happy about working today, but at least I only go in for four and a half hours. I had the chance to rest this morning, and I will be off in time to stop by and see my mom, and fix dinner for Brandon. I only had to work 1 night this week, which was nice. 
  • Letters. It's not Mail Call Monday yet, but I am still filled with warm fuzzies over a letter I got yesterday from Tasya, one of my sponsor kids. It was ginormous and had extra stuff in it. You'll have to wait until Monday to find out more!
  • Rain. The weather has been acting up a bit lately. Tuesday we had some storms- it started hailing just as my friends and I were preparing to leave Bible study. I think the rain helps squish down some of the crazy, rampant pollen that's been floating around lately, plus it means I don't have to go outside and water my plants! My hostas are sprouting up through the mulch, and Brandon moved my peach tree back outside a few days ago. It was covered in pretty pink blossoms, even though it's been wintering in the garage. I like having plants but I don't like taking care of them. So I'm grateful for the rain. : P
  • New furniture. Brandon and I asked for a pair of nightstands on our wedding registry more than three years ago, and we have been using an old, beat up nightstand with no handle and a random thrift-store end table to hold our things since we got married. Last week Brandon told me we had enough money to go ahead and buy our nightstands, and he put one of them together for me this week. It's a silly thing to be excited about, but I'm really happy I have it. I got it all set up yesterday afternoon after work. It matches the rest of my furniture (except for Brandon's nightstand, which will be replaced by the other, new nightstand when he puts it together), it has a spacious drawer and a little shelf for the books I had piled up on my end table. I'm glad we finally got them!
  • Leftovers. It's so nice not to have to cook. I got leftovers from my parents' house on Saturday, then I had leftovers from cooking for my Bible study group on Tuesday, and this afternoon when I stop by to check on my mom, I plan on getting more leftovers. I'm happy to say I haven't had a single peanut butter and jelly sandwich all week long. 
What are you thankful for today? 


  1. That's so exciting that you got a letter from Tasya!! I look forward to reading about it! And I don't think it's silly that you're excited about nightstands! I understand getting excited over the small things.... And how sweet of your mom to pass you leftovers!!

  2. I am thankful for my beautiful daughter who stops by to check on her mama. I am thankful for the relationship that we have and that she loves me almost as much as I love her. =)


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