Friday, April 5, 2013

Joane looks older than me.

Since I am anticipating the addition of another correspondence sponsor kid to my account (and I have been encouraged by others blogging about receiving sets of TWO correspondence kids recently), I have been checking my Compassion account really frequently. Sometimes I even remember to see if there are new pictures of my kids. I was very happy to see that Joane's picture has been updated! We have been writing to Joane for about two years now, and this is our third picture of her. 

Here is a scanned copy of the picture on the front of Joane's info packet, when we first started sponsoring her (the full picture is in my scrapbook):

Here is Joane's updated photo that we received in 2011:

And here is Joane's latest photo! I'm still waiting on a high-res copy in my email. I didn't recognize her at first- she looks so grown up!


  1. She does look so grown up!! She's a beautiful young lady!! I always love photo updates...but sometimes I hardly recognize the kid...two years leaves a lot of time for changes!! And I hope that you're assigned a correspondence kid (or 2!) soon!

    1. I really didn't think it was her at first- but I recognized that pouty lower lip! : )

  2. Wow. she has grown up. I keep checking my account for updating pictures :)


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