Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Longest Waiting.

Earlier today, I took a look at Compassion's website to see if there were any kids that caught my eye- I like to share waiting children with my online friends in the hopes that I can help find them a sponsor. Anyway, today, I decided to organize the list of waiting kids by "longest waiting" children (sometimes I search by a specific country,  birthday, or a number of other things.) I saw several pages of kids that had been waiting 400+ days. Many of these faces were unfamiliar, so I assume Compassion has been floating their info among advocates and events, and now the kids have been re-posted, for lack of a better word, on the website.

Anyway, I was just stunned and saddened that there were so many kids who were waiting such an extraordinarily long time for a sponsor. I prayed for them, and I posted a picture of a beautiful 13 year old in Kenya, named Kananu.

About 20 minutes after I posted her picture, my friend Daniella (who is so sweet and enthusiastic about these kids- she likes and shares a bunch of my pictures, widening the circle of potential sponsors for these children!) and I started chatting in the comments section of this photo. Half an hour after Kananu's picture was posted, Daniella claimed her! This made me soooo happy! I am thrilled for Daniella- this is her second sponsor child!

I'm happy to say that when I checked Compassion's website again this evening, hoping to post another child's information, the list of kids waiting quite so long for sponsors had disappeared! There had been dozens of kids waiting 430+ days for a sponsor (Kananu was waiting 434 days) and this evening, the longest waiting children were showing as waiting for 230ish days. I am so thankful for this! It broke my heart seeing all those kids. I am glad that so many kids found sponsors today! God is good!

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  1. That's wonderful news for Daniella and Kananu!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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