Monday, April 8, 2013

Kindness, Week Fourteen

Here are this week's acts of kindness!

April 2: Bought another puzzle piece! My friend Ashley and her husband are adopting from Haiti, and they have less than 100 puzzle pieces to sell in this particular fundraiser. Please check out her blog- she's a great writer and I love her posts. And I love her kid! I can't wait to meet him!!

April 3: Sent a ton of cards to reconnect with people. I sent some cards to some folks who have left our Bible study group, and some cards to people who are new to our Bible study group, and a card to my sweet friend Betty who is unable to attend our Bible studies in the colder months due to health reasons. I have decided that if card sending is a spiritual gift, well, I'm all over that. I know I like getting mail, and I'm assuming everyone else does, too. I hope my cards put a smile on the face of their recipients.

April 4: Worked at establishing a friendship. I have recently regained contact with someone I didn't particularly like during the time we knew each other before. For privacy reasons, I'm going to leave out any more details, but on this day I decided to give this person a second chance, tried really hard to be friendly, and ended up finding out that this person isn't as bad as I thought he or she was.

April 5: Sent a birthday gift to Tasya. My sweet girl's birthday is at the end of May, so I logged into my Compassion account and paid for her birthday gift. I can't wait to find out what she got with the gift I sent!

April 6: Treated my family to cupcakes. I babysat my mom on this day (her surgery went really well, and though she had to stay the night in the fancy schmancy hospital, she went home the next day around lunchtime.) My brother and I went out to the used bookstore and to pick up lunch, and I decided to treat them both to cupcakes from Gigi's. If you don't have a Gigi's Cupcakes in your area, start praying you get one soon. Cupcakes are my favorite food, and the fact that we have a store nearby that just sells cupcakes is like some kind of dream come true. (Dad, if somehow you are reading this, I owe you a cupcake!)

April 7: Bought a bracelet for a friend's fundraiser. A friend of mine posted on facebook that she was making bracelets to earn money to give to her friend, who is planning on taking a mission trip to India. Well, I love India, I love mission trips, and I love fundraisers. This was an easy one. My friend is away at college right now so I'm paying a little extra for her to mail me my bracelet, but I'm cool with that! Becky is very talented in every area of the arts she attempts, so I'm looking forward to getting my pretty blue bracelet in the mail sometime soon!  : )

April 8: Gave some cupcake lip gloss to my best friend. My best friend's name is also Jessica (we call each other Jess and Other Jess, even though most people call me Jessi, and her family calls her that but at work she goes by Jessica or Jess. But I digress.) Jess and I have so much in common- she's like the sister I never had. We like almost all the same stuff, and that includes a fondness for cupcakes and nice smelling things. I found out that my beloved Gigi's sells cupcake lip gloss now, so I just had to get some as a surprise for Jess!

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