Monday, April 22, 2013

My beautiful Tasya!

This day just got a whole lot better! I logged into my Compassion account to check to see if our new correspondence kid has appeared yet, and saw that Tasya's picture has been updated! I figured it would be soon since her birthday is coming up. I am so excited!

Here is the first picture of my girl, when we started sponsoring her in 2010:

Here is the picture we got last year around her birthday (she is wearing a pink Minnie Mouse shirt):

And here are her new pictures! I will add the high-res version to the side of my blog when I get it in my email. 

She is so beautiful! And she's wearing another Minnie Mouse shirt- which is good because I sent her a Minnie Mouse activity book for her birthday, and I was a little worried that she might be getting too old for Minnie. : ) Yay for new pictures!!!


  1. She is beautiful!! That's so fun that her photo updated so soon after such a wonderful letter from her!!!


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