Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kindness, Week Seventeen

I just found out that I kind of did the same act of kindness two days this week! Oops! Last week was pretty crazy, so I'll have to try to make up for it this week by doing some more unique stuff! : )

April 23- Went through my clothes. My church has this kind of free yard sale for disadvantaged people in the area every year. It's right before school starts again, and they post the needs in the bulletin this week. Right now they're trying to round up clothes for the Great Exchange (that's what the event is called.) So on this day, I went through my closet and dresser (for the second time this year!) to see if I could part with anything else. And I did!

April 24- Donated to Autism Speaks. I love opportunities like this, when you're out shopping and the clerk asks "would you like to donate a dollar today?" It reminds me to be generous and gives me the opportunity to learn about organizations I haven't looked into before!

April 25- Spread the word about World Malaria Day. In preparing for this kindness experiment, one thing that kept coming up was the idea to spread the word about important causes. On this day, I shared information about malaria with my friends, and I also wrote a special blog post.

April 26- Sent a birthday card to an old friend. On this day, I sent a card to a friend I hardly ever see anymore. I hope she was happy to see that surprise in her mailbox!

April 27- Put together a package for a friend. During my shopping trips this week, I saw some pretty stationery-type items that I thought one of my friends would like. She has been having a rough time lately, and I decided to surprise her with a present in the mail!

April 28- Donated clothes to the Great Exchange. This is what I was talking about when I said I did the same thing two days! This was a Sunday, so this was the day Brandon and I dragged a few garbage bags full of clothes (some from me, mostly from Bible study friends) in to church. I had completely forgotten that I had counted my time on the 23rd sorting clothes as my act of kindness!

April 29- Helped someone win a scholarship (hopefully!) The daughter of a friend of a friend wrote an essay for a scholarship about her adoptive grandfather. The public has a chance to vote for which essay should win the contest. For my act of kindness on this day, I cast my vote! You can read the essay here.

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