Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kindness, Week Fifteen

Here are this week's acts of kindness- along with an update! : )

April 9- Picked up lunch for some invalids. Granted, the invalids were my mom and my brother, but it's still an act of kindness. I took lunch to my mom and my brother after I got off work on this day.

April 10- Sent a nice comment card. We are usually quite eager to send comment cards about bad service at restaurants and other places of business. How often will we take the time to send good comment cards, though? On this day, I filled out a comment form for a local Chick Fil A, where the staff are always nice and courteous, they don't sound fake, the orders are always correct, and even though they're often busy, they don't move slowly. I wish more restaurants were as efficient and kind as they are- and I said as much in my comments.

April 11- Registered with Operation Paperback. This is a really cool organization. You fill out a little volunteer application, and when you're approved, you can log in to the website and fill out a form to send books to the troops and their families. You check off the boxes for the types of books you have on hand (like different kinds of children's books for the kids, biographies, mysteries, true crime, etc.) and then Operation Paperback will send you a list of addresses where you can send your books. You can also sign up to be on the "special request team", and once a month or so they send out an email with special requests for specific titles and things like that. Since I do so much shopping a the used bookstore and my library's booksale table, I thought this would be a really fun way for me to support military families.

April 12- Helped some patrons. I was in a generous mood at work on this day. I had a few patrons who had some fines that prohibited them from checking out books or getting on the computer. I let them make "good faith payments", even if they were still over the limit, and then let them get on the computer with guest passes.

April 13- Made a purchase to benefit a local ministry. My mom and I went shopping at our local indoor flea market on this day. There's a booth inside that sells Amish goods (jams and preserves, honey, peanut brittle, and other goodies), and their sales benefit Priscilla's Place, which is most easily described as a sort of halfway house for women who are released from prison a bit early. One of the ladies in charge of this ministry is a friend of our Bible study group (we put together a basket for their silent auction last year, and she has come to speak to us about Priscilla's Place before), so it was nice to know that the little bit extra I spent for buying my preserves here was going to a good cause.

April 14- Shopped for a good cause. I ordered Mother's Day gifts on this day. Obviously I can't tell you much about them right now, because that would spoil the surprise! I will post an update after my mom and Denise get their presents, telling you more about the shop where I purchased them.

April 15- Donated to the Red Cross. I decided to make a donation to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts after the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I can't donate blood for health reasons, but if you can, they really need it. You can also check out their online donation form here.

And, as promised, here is an update...
Several weeks ago I posted that I had organized a surprise for a friend. After reading about a jewelry maker on Michelle's facebook page, I checked out the website and was pretty ecstatic to see that this lady makes necklaces and other jewelry featuring Haiti. A lot of people give stamped jewelry and other items to adoptive parents featuring their kid's birth country or continent. Finding Africa items is easy. China, Korea, Ethiopia, and Russia are widely represented in the realm of gifts for adoptive parents. Haiti, however, is not. So when I saw that Funky Fish Designs was now making Haiti necklaces, I sent out an email to my Bible study friends asking if they wanted to pitch in and get a gift for our friend Ashley (who, I have mentioned about a billion times, is adopting from Haiti.) They all said yes and everyone gave a little bit so we could surprise Ashley with this necklace. It took a while to get, and then a few more weeks to give it to her, but now she has it, so I can post about it here! The necklace is super cute, and I asked that the artist place a heart over the area where Ashley's son currently lives. There are lots of cool designs and awesome personalized pieces available on the site- check them out!

The necklace we got for Ashley

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