Monday, April 1, 2013

Kindness, Week Thirteen

This week had one of the most fun acts of kindness yet!

March 26- Hid Easter eggs around town. When I went to the grocery store last weekend, I got some cheap plastic eggs, a bag of Hershey eggs, and a pack of cute Easter erasers. Considering I planned on including the rest of the candy in my Easter basket, this was a really low-cost act of kindness that I got to share with a lot of people. I left some eggs at the library, put one in my mailbox for my mailman (after three days, I brought it back inside. He didn't really understand it was for him, I guess.) I left some at the store and the pharmacy, and then hid the rest at church when I went there for Bible study. An egg on the water fountain, an egg in the sitting area of the ladies room, an egg on a couch was fun! That night we had a small group and I ended up handing the leftovers out to my Bible study friends. I thought including erasers would be nice in case people were paranoid about eating strange candy. : )

March 27- Participated in One Meal One Day. This was Compassion's fundraising initiative to raise money for and bring awareness to the issue of hunger, specifically focusing on Ethiopia this year. I set up a fundraising page, but no one donated. That was kind of a bummer, especially since I have a bunch of friends who have adopted from Ethiopia. Anyway, I still participated. I skipped a meal this day. I skipped a meal and prayed for the hungry on this day.

March 28- Sent a congratulatory card to a friend. My friend Lauren has been working so hard over the past several years to become a therapist. She has attained the highest level of education out of anyone in our graduating class, and she has paid for it all herself, working harder than I ever could to finish multiple degrees. She had a really important exam on Monday of this week, and found out that she passed! I think she just has one sort of internship thingie left before she can basically open her own practice, or do whatever she wants to. Way to go, Lauren!

March 29- Did Brandon's chores. Since my husband works full time at a demanding job, when we were deciding which household jobs we would be responsible for after we got married, we decided it would only be fair for me to do most of the work, since I'm home more often. Even though my back was hurty on this day, I decided to go ahead and do Brandon's chores for him when, after I asked him about doing them, he said "but it's my birthday!" : )

March 30- Sent a cute video to someone who was sad. It still counts if I do acts of kindness for people I'm related to, you know. My mom has a lot on her plate, dealing with health problems, preparing to have surgery, and being the primary caregiver for my brother, in addition to being a wife and working full time and running a Bible study. She had a rough day on Saturday (one of my family's pets passed away) and I knew she was really sad and traumatized, so I found a cute bunny video and sent it to her. She said she really liked it and it reminded her of her puppy (between you and me, I think Gimli, my bunny, is smarter than Loki, her puppy. Gimli was litter trained within 24 hours of coming to my house. Loki still thinks the primary purpose of going outside is to bite the tree and chase the other dogs.)

March 31- Shared my Easter candy. I put a bunch of it in my purse to take to our family get-togethers, but hardly anyone was there! It was especially weird being at Brandon's grandparents' with so few people there- it was just us, them, Aunt Ann, and Brandon's mom, dad, and two of his brothers. So I shared my Easter candy with Stephen and Jonathan.

April 1- Sent a funny book to a friend. One of my friends has been sick for about two weeks, so I wanted to do something nice for him. I also feel kind of bad because lately we haven't talked as much as usual, because of my weird sleeping schedule and his long work hours. My friend and I are grammar nerds, and frequently share funny posts on the subject with each other. I found a brand-new copy of a hilarious book about quotation mark abuse (like I said, we're nerds) and sent it to him today.

Hopefully returning to life as usual and going back to work this week will provide more opportunities for acts of kindness! Sometimes it's hard coming up with stuff that I can do from home (especially free stuff...), so I'm looking forward to the opportunities that present themselves in weeks to come!

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