Monday, March 2, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Tanzania, Mexico, and Kenya

Happy Mail Call Monday- the first of March! The year is flying by!

Just three letters to report this week! The first was from Elisha in Tanzania!

Elisha's letter was a form letter about going to the dentist. He hasn't gone since 2013. Since the public schools don't stress dental care in quite the same way that American schools do, I am sure that the only time most of the kids see a dentist is when they have a visit because of Compassion! Elisha reported that he went to the hospital to get his teeth checked, and that his mom and a teacher went with him. He also said he is doing fine, and said to have a happy new year!

Next we heard from sweet little Brendita in Mexico!

Brendita wrote a form letter about her future- it was the first of its kind that I've seen! She told us that she wants to be in the dance and tambourine academy, and when she grows up, she wants to go to university and become a doctor. She doesn't want to get married or have kids when she's older, and she wants to visit the USA and meet me! Brendita also says that she is making a good effort at school, which is neat! She said thank you for the gifts we've been sending, and asked that we pray for her family to come to church.

Lastly, we got our first letter from Nkoyio in Kenya!

Nkoyio's letter was written by a project worker, and most of it was not filled out. This is a little unusual since she is 18 years old. It's possible that she was busy with exams, or was unable to be at the project for letter-writing day, and they wanted to get her first letter out soon since she was newly sponsored. I will wait to see what her next letter is like before deciding if I should ask Compassion about it. According to the letter, Nkoyio's favorite color is blue, and her favorite song is "God Created Me." She also like soccer. She said that she's very glad we were matched to be her sponsor (and I am, too!)

I hope this week brings lots of letters! : )

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  1. I love the plans for the future letters!!! It's one of my favorite form letters. I'm so glad Brendita has so many dreams. It's so neat that you heard from Elisha as you were writing about him!! And I hope you hear from Nkoyio heself in her next letter.


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