Sunday, March 1, 2015

Getting to Know You: Elisha

This week I'm profiling Elisha!

Name: Elisha
Age: 8
Birthday: September 10
Country: Tanzania
Sponsored since: September 2013

How we got him: I had been on the waiting list for a correspondence child for a few months, and after finding out from several friends that they had been receiving kids after just waiting a few days, I sent an email to ask if maybe my request had been misplaced. I got a reply that day, saying that they weren't sure what had happened, but they had matched me with Elisha! I was really surprised because he was in Tanzania, and of course I was preparing for my trip there. When I signed up, I was just going to be visiting Said. But now I would be seeing three kids! Elisha was meant to be with me. It's hard waiting sometimes, but I believe that God has a sponsor and a correspondent picked out for each child, and in order for me to get Elisha, it meant I had to wait a long time, and for my request to get lost. :)

About his family: Elisha lives with his mom and dad, and he has older siblings. He doesn't talk about his family much in his letters, but after meeting him, I totally understand why he has never offered up tons of information about his life or interests.

Hobbies and interests: Oh, Elisha. This child has so much energy. If you could harness it, you could power a small town. He does not sit still. He is loud. And fun. He makes sweet scribbly drawings and likes to run and play and show off. He likes being the center of attention, and is a bit of a ham. He would best be described as a class clown. He also knows how to display a little bit of attitude. When we exchanged gifts in Tanzania, he immediately put on the sunglasses I brought and totally understood that they looked very cool, and he showed it in his stance and facial expressions. He knows how to say "whaddup" and postures a little when he says it. He is really, really cool, but I don't think I could handle a day with him on his own. I love to play and have fun, but I would have to be on some kind of crazy drug to come close to matching his energy!

Here's some of what Elisha has had to say in his letters.

"Praise God. I am very well and healthy. Are you well and healthy?"

Elisha's first and only official photo we have from Compassion

"My favorite holiday is Farmer's Day."

"When the weather is rainy I like to: cultivation."

"At Christmas, the weather is usually: winter."

"Let us keep praying for each other."

"After school I like to: sweeping."

"During my school break I often go to: the village to my grandmother's."

"My favorite day of the week is Wednesday because I come back home (from school) early."

"In the afternoon, I typically do: eat ugali with fish"

"Shikamoo! This is Swahili greeting from junior to senior. To respond you say Marahaba."

Elisha's letters never say much, but I am really surprised they say as much as they do. I imagine a project worker asking him to answer questions while he runs around the room. :)

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  1. I remember when Elisha was added to your family!! It's so neat how God works. Elisha is such a handsome guy!!


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