Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Compassion Joys: March

Can you believe that 2015 is now one-fourth over? We only have 75% of the year to go! Good grief! Here are our Compassion Joys for the month of March!

 Compassion Family


This month we received one letter each from Marc in Haiti, Tasya in Indonesia, Barry in Burkina Faso, Eduardo in Honduras, Merlyn in the Philippines, Brenda in Mexico, and Kevenel in Haiti. And we got two letters from Kajal in India, which was pretty neat! I am keeping my fingers crossed that more letters come in April, since there are several kids we haven't heard from in 4-5 months, which is a little unusual (the holidays might have skewed things a bit.) We also have many first letters that should be arriving over the next few months! 


Weirdly enough, we just have one kiddo with a birthday in March! Victor in Kenya turned 18 this month! 


One year ago, the day that I returned from Tanzania, I emailed Compassion asking for another correspondence child. After meeting the kids there and getting to know them, I knew that my mission would be to do all that I could to see that no child goes without letters. Just a few days later, little Sandier turned up on our Compassion account. And then more and more and more kids showed up, too! :) 

New Kids!

A few more correspondence children joined our family in March. 

Austin in Kenya

Mjay in the Philippines

Sithum in Sri Lanka

Tinnakorn in Thailand

Samoresh in Bangladesh

Mary in Ecuador

Rayza in Bolivia

The addition of Rayza to our family is very special to me. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that we are not able to financially sponsor more children, and I have wanted to sponsor a child in BO571 for a long time. I've heard so many stories about how great the correspondence is, but I also like how especially engaged the staff are, too. And the kids' families! It's just a little exciting knowing more about a particular center. Anyway, I was SO excited when I saw that Rayza is at this center. Just blown away. I was actually at work when I accessed my Compassion account, and it took a lot of willpower to not just shriek with excitement. What a wonderful gift from God! 

Guest Post! 

This month, I did a guest post on Laura's blog, Mommy Maleta. You can read it here. 

Photo Updates! 

In March, we received photo updates for three of our kiddos! 

Caleb in Uganda

Fatuma in Kenya

Prayer in Indonesia


While I don't have any gifts going in the mail this week, I am finishing up a small gift for Anahi in Honduras, and am packing up mini backpacks for Carlos and Mishel in Peru! I am super excited about them, and am looking forward to sharing photos when I get them all together! 


This month marked the one-year anniversary of my trip to Tanzania. I shared several photos and memories from my trip on Instagram. If you'd like to check them out, my username is hellojessi01, or you can view them here


  1. Wow! So many new faces! I am so excited that God granted your wish for a child at BO-571! It's like how I felt when I realized that Daniela attends BO-576 with Jhomary….it's such a blessing from God and confirmation that God matches children and sponsors (or correspondents)! I also loved seeing the photos updates!

    1. Yes, I definitely agree that it's confirmation that there's a sponsor or correspondent out there for each child! I'm so excited to get to know Rayza!

  2. Another great month - thanks for sharing!!


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