Sunday, March 15, 2015

Getting to Know You: Prayer

Name: Prayer
Age: 12
Birthday: October 22
Country: Indonesia
Sponsored since: July 2013

How We Got Him: I was on the waiting list for a correspondent, and was really surprised when we got Prayer! He lives in Indonesia, like Tasya, which is made up of many islands. Since they're all spread out, Compassion's Indonesia offices are divided into two groups (like their India offices.) Indonesia, and East Indonesia. I thought it was neat that not only is Prayer an East Indonesia kid like Tasya, he actually lives in the same area that she does! Prayer lives on the main island of Sulawesi, and Tasya lives on a little island bit just to the north of the mainland. What are the odds that out of all the kids, I'd get another one from the same area? :)

About His Family: Prayer lives with his mom (Neni Yunita) and dad and two brothers. They are younger than he is, and their names are Famoel and Anugerah.  His family sounds like they get along well and they all like to spend time together on the holidays! They also all go to church together, which is great! Apparently their church is called Indonesia Bethel Church.

Hobbies and Interests: Prayer has mentioned soccer as being his favorite sport, but I get the feeling from his letters that he is pretty much an all-around happy guy. He does well in school but doesn't stress about it. He likes playing with his little brothers and spending his time off from school with them, which is nice because he's a middle schooler and they're younger than him. He likes hanging out with friends and getting together with family and other people from his village. I imagine him being very laid back and just a chill little guy- the kind that everyone in school likes, but they're not intimidated by him because he's kind in addition to being really cool.

Here are some excerpts from Prayer's letters!

"I hope you and your family are fine and get blessed by the Lord Jesus." 

"It's only by God's favor I'm in the sixth grade. I got good scores as the result of the final test. I was second best in class. I thank God because he loves me." 

Prayer's previous photo, which I requested when we got him as a correspondent.
 Look at that little face! 

"We hope you and your family are just fine and get the blessings from the Lord." 

"Through this letter Prayer wants to say thank you to Jessi who have chosen and become the sponsor of Prayer."

"I'm so happy to go to the project because I can learn how to love God in there, also with my friends." 

"I hope dear Jessi is all fine and blessed in Lord Jesus." 

Prayer's current photo, which is the first one we received of his. We should get an update really soon, since we got him in 2013 and Indonesian kids get new photos every two years. 

"Here in my country, there will be a general election of president and vice president of our country. I hope it can go well and the elected president and vice president are good people and fear God." 

"I thank the Lord for his blessings for us, for the farmers that they have good harvest. We have many guests, families from other villages. We had dinner together, and talked and everybody was satisfied and happy." (about Indonesian Thanksgiving festivities)

"I'm happy to get many letters from mother Jessi, including the picture of the jellyfish and your beautiful picture." 

"My family likes planting vegetables." 

"I love praying for mother and the family there because every Tuesday our church has prayer time together."

"The Christmas is near. How do you celebrate it? I and my family are gathering at the Christmas, we might have fun together."

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  1. That's so neat that Prayer and Tasya live so close to each other! It's so funny when that happens. Like when we were assigned Daniela who attends Jhomary's project!!


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