Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Mexico and Haiti

Happy Mail Call Monday- the last one for March!!

We received two letters this week! The first was from Brenda in Mexico! 

Brenda wrote about her school holidays. Her Christmas break is 15 days, and her favorite things to do are play and celebrate Christmas. She usually goes to see her grandparents, but she would also like to see her cousins. Her favorite thing to eat during the holidays is "de todo un poco"- a little bit of everything! For her Christmas gift from the project, she got a pink jacket and candy (Brenda LOVES candy, so I bet she was happy!) She also said that she is having trouble learning to read (but her mom is helping her and she will move on to the next grade.) I am sending her a paperback easy reader in Spanish to help her out! I don't know what it's about, but it's the easiest reading level, and I think the story is about a boy going on a scavenger hunt with his dog. :) 

We also got a letter from Kevenel in Haiti! 

Kevenel's letter was about hobbies and pets. He likes to play soccer, and while he doesn't have a pet, he would like to have a cat. He said he would take it for a walk! Kevenel's helper at the project wrote quite a bit, and filled up half of an extra sheet of paper with his responses to my letters! He said thank you for the Christmas gifts, and he does know what a pumpkin looks like (this was in response to my letter about my cities Jack o' lantern art display.) Kevenel also insisted that it is cold where he lives, and is not warm this year. I had written to him explaining that even though he thought it was cold, in Haiti it is pretty warm compared to where I live- and at its coldest, it really only gets as chilly as a warm spring day! Apparently he doesn't take much stock in that comparison. :) Kevenel says he's doing well in school, and that his Christmas tradition is to get together with family and friends, have a meal and talk about the good and bad things that happened to them throughout the year. He also asked what my cat's name is, but I don't have one, so I'll tell him about Gimli instead! Kevenel asked that we pray for his schooling, and for his family to stay "healthy and cooperative." He finished his letter with this: "He tells you that he loves you so much and he asks God to always protect you and your family. He leaves you with this Bible verse: Romans 3:23. He hopes that God bless you!"

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  1. That's so cute that Kevenel is convinced that it's colder where he is! He must feel very cold. And Brenda is so cute. What a good idea to encourage her in reading by sending a book!


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