Monday, March 9, 2015

Sweet Greetings from India and Haiti

Happy Mail Call Monday!!

This week felt super slow, letter-wise, because the only letters we received came last Monday! They arrived after I did my Mail Call post. I so hope that more letters come in this week! : )

Our first letter of the week came from Kajal in India. 

Kajal's letter was a form letter about her community. It was funny to read, because the first page was multiple choice questions. On most of them, she checked *every* box, and on some of them, she didn't check any! So we didn't learn the primary religious group for her region, or a few other random things, but we did learn that her community does have a police station, a school, and a health center; people use all modes of transportation to get around town; and the apparently have some decent access to electricity, because email and telephones are available, in addition to postal mail! These were great things to learn because we now understand a little more about Kajal's every day life. Her helper at the center also wrote that her dad does "permit work" and her mom is a home-maker, and she has one brother and one sister. Kajal said she was sad about my mom in her letter, but I'm not sure why- maybe my mom had a cold or something when I wrote to her a few months ago! I was sure to tell her that my mom is doing well in my reply letter. And her center uses stationery that has an area to color and an area to draw. Kajal drew a flower, and did a great job coloring the government building! 

Next up we heard from Marc in Haiti. 

As a sponsor, the first letter in which I feel really connected to my child is incredibly special. I always worry a little about the teen boys I've received as correspondence, because I second guess my ability to connect with them (or if they'd be interested in what I had to say.) On top of that, it took a very long time to receive a first letter from Marc- over six months. And then, the first letter we received wasn't even addressed to us- it was to his financial sponsor, so there wasn't much detail there (because they didn't have much of a relationship!) Well, Marc must have finally gotten all the letters I've been writing to him, because his letter was warm, loving and sweet! Teens are such great letter writers. :) 

Marc said that his family is doing well and healthy, but his grandmother is "handicapped." I told him I am praying for her and asked about her health in my response letter. He also shared that cholera continues to ravage Haiti (his words, not mine) which has been a prayer request of mine for what seems like forever now. He said it feels cold to him in Haiti, and it doesn't rain often. His family is getting ready for Easter, and he was thankful for all the letters I've sent- that he really appreciated them! He responded to my letter about mine and Brandon's wedding anniversary in January, and said "I wish you a lot of joy and success in your marriage. I think you enjoyed your wedding birthday." He also said that he has seen pumpkins before, and something about losing goats that didn't make a lot of sense. But then he closed with this: "Thanks for your prayers. May God protect you every day. I love you because I have you in my life. I'm so proud of you!" I thought that was sooooo sweet! I read a letter like that and wonder "who WOULDN'T want to write to this kind young man?" Oh well. Their loss is my gain. I am happy to write to as many kids that God will put in my path. :) 

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  1. Marc is so sweet!! What a great letter. And I'm glad you learned some about Kajal. Sometimes our Brazilian girls check every box. It makes me laugh as I think they must be enthusiastic about checking, but it doesn't help us learn as much :)


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