Monday, March 23, 2015

Sweet Greetings from India, Honduras, and the Philippines

It's Mail Call Monday once again!

This week we just received three letters, and I think they all came on the same day! I hope that more are on the way this week- it feels like a long time since any have arrived! :) 

First, we got a letter from Kajal in India!

We actually just heard from Kajal two weeks before this letter arrived! And the letter was written about six weeks ago! It's neat to receive a letter so soon after the last one! Kajal said she likes reading, listening to music, drawing, and coloring as hobbies, and she does her hobbies with her brother! She also shared that she has a pet dog named Somea, and she would like to have a cat. She would name it Melni. Kajal's helper at the project said that she is learning lots of things there, including actions songs! She also shared that Kajal is praying for us! How sweet!

Next, we got an unusual letter from Eduardo in Honduras! 

I say Eduardo's letter was unusual because it was a quick form letter, meant for small children, and it looked like one that sponsors usually receive right after they sponsor a child! Eduardo usually writes pretty lengthy personal letters, but this one was just some questions about his height, weight, and the color of his eyes. I did like the fact that he said what he likes most about himself is "everything!" He wrote out some questions, such as if we have children, but he already knows the answers to them! He might have been busy with school or something like that, and didn't have time for a "real" letter. That's ok! 

Lastly, we heard from Merlyn in the Philippines!

We got Merlyn as a correspondent last fall, and this was our first letter from her! I was not surprised that it took a while, since Typhoon Ruby came to the Philippines right after we got Merlyn. The letter was written by her mom, Elena. Merlyn said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and that she likes getting my letters and hearing my stories! She said that for Christmas at the project she got sandals, a blouse, an umbrella, and some groceries! She also asked if it was ok if she calls me "ate", which means "older sister!" I love it!! Merlyn shared that her favorite pet is a cat, and she asked what a walrus is, because she doesn't know about it (and then she drew a little happy face!) I have mentioned to my kids before that walruses are my favorite animals, and provided just a very short description of them. So last week, because of Merlyn's question, I sent a letter all about walruses! We should be hearing from Merlyn in the next few months about a few other exciting things- my friend Katie C. took a gift to the Philippines for me, as we got Merlyn right before she was travelling to visit her sponsor kids. That was back in November, I think. Plus, we were able to crowdfund a financial gift for Merlyn's family so they could repair their home after the storm damaged it! It will be really fun to see at least one picture of her (and maybe her mom, too!) 

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  1. What a great letter from Merlyn. I can't wait to hear when she receives the money. I'm impressed with how quickly you heard from Kajal again! And I bet Eduardo was busy. We sometimes get short notes from our teens and usually they mention exams coming up!


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