Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting to Know You: Patricia

Here's another installment of my series sharing about my kids!

Name: Patricia
Age: 13
Birthday: February 7
Country: Brazil
Sponsored since: December 2013

How We Got Her: This was another one of those times that I was just kind of hanging out on the list of waiting correspondents! I remember being really happy when we got matched with Patricia, though, because I have a friend named Pat who likes to sing, and Patricia's information says she likes to sing, too!

About Her Family: I honestly don't know much about Patricia's family, other than she lives with her parents. I will tell you, though, that I am a little dumb- I save all of my kids' info packets, but I hadn't been reading them. When you become a sponsor or correspondent, you get a printed booklet that has info about your child, including photos, and tips on letter writing. Stuff like that. I hadn't really been reading them because I assumed that it was the same information I have online, describing their neighborhood and stuff. And while that info is in there, the booklets also have the same profile information that you would see before a child is sponsored- including who the child lives with and how many siblings they have. All of my booklets (save the last dozen or so) are in a storage box in a very messy spare bedroom. I am working on going through them, though, and making a spreadsheet with *all* the info for easier access! : )

Hobbies and Interests: Patricia's letters are very short. She writes pretty regularly, but she doesn't say much. Her letters are always very affectionate, though. They're not cold- I just think she is very busy hanging out with her friends, being a little social butterfly! Patricia usually signs her letters with kisses and little hearts or drawings of lips. She does like singing, and loves being with friends at school and the project. She also has access to computers and is taking some courses in foreign languages- including Russian! Her favorite subjects are art, math, and Portuguese.

Here are a few excerpts from Patricia's letters!

"I expect to get a letter from you. Kisses!"

Patricia's previous photo, which I requested when we received her as a correspondent

"I'm very well in school. I love going to school to study and meet with my friends. I also love being in the project. I have lots of cool things here."

"I am thankful for your letters, magazines, and stickers, and picture of you and your husband. I'm very happy because your family adopted a dog."

Our first picture of Patricia

"I do many things here, such as computer and other things."

"In Brazil on Christmas people like to do fireworks and the sky gets very beautiful and we stay with family and go to church."

"Hello! How are you? I'm so glad to write to you."

"We have classes of English, Spanish, French, and Russian at the project."

"May God keep you and make you very happy."

Patricia's updated photo!

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  1. Patricia is so cute!!! I think the only discrepancy between the online bios and booklet is that the booklet lists siblings. I wish the online profile listed that number also!


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