Saturday, January 31, 2015

Compassion Joys: January

Yay! First Compassion Joys post of 2015!!

 Compassion Family


We received 12 letters this month!! We heard from Kajal, Patricia, Sandier, Sharifa, Caleb, Angelina, Marc, Barry, Mishel, Kevenel, Julian, and Eduardo! And the letter from Marc was a first letter!


We had lots of birthdays this month! Mishel turned 14, Marc turned 18, and Nkoyio and Cristobal both turned 17! Since I knew about Nkoyio last month, I was able to get a birthday folder in the mail for her as well. I got Cristobal two days before his birthday, but since he is graduating before his next birthday (and has only received two letters in the ten years he's been in Compassion's program!) I am going to put together a fun folder for him, too!

New Kids! 

We gained FOUR new correspondents this month!

Fatuma in Kenya

Thanakan in Thailand

Estha in Togo

Cristobal in El Salvador


We had the opportunity to send out a quick, last-minute gift to my mom's sponsor child in the Dominican Republic! I also found out that I am going to be able to send gifts to Peru and Honduras in the spring and summer. I'm so excited about getting them together!


We celebrated several sponsor anniversaries this month. As of January 2015, we have been writing to Brendita in Mexico for two years, and Caleb in Uganda and Eduardo in Honduras for one year! I'm so glad they're all a part of my family!

Photo Updates! 

Elifagason in Tanzania got his photo updated this month! Interestingly enough, Tanzania does photo updates every 18 months- but Elifagason looks almost exactly the same as he did in the first photo we got of him last fall (and his previous one, too!) I'm not sure how frequently his photos were updated, but it doesn't look like 3.5 years has passed since his previous photo! 


  1. Wonderful! I always forget to include sponser-versaries - I know the day I met Josseling was our 12 year sponser-versary.

  2. I love seeing the new faces!! And how fun to remember the sponsor-versaries. I should do that next time! I just always forget those dates!


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