Monday, January 5, 2015

Sweet Greetings from India and Brazil

Happy Mail Call Monday! It's the first one of 2015!

I was really happy to get two letters this week, especially since I haven't been feeling well! Letters always cheer me up. : )

First, we heard from my princess Kajal in India!

I haven't heard from Kajal since we sponsored her in September, so it was great to get a letter from her! It was full of information. The form portion of the letter was about her most recent doctor's visit. She said that she went to the doctor  with one of the workers from her project, and that she felt afraid! Poor Kajal! But the doctor checked her bloodwork and told her that she needs to eat more fruits and vegetables. I thought it was cute that her letter template included a small space for a drawing (she drew a flower) and also a tiny coloring picture- keeping on theme, the coloring picture was a little doctor's bag! In the rest of the letter, her helper at the project said that Kajal's dad is a farmer and her mom is a housewife. She has a brother named Abhishek and a little sister (one year younger) named Pranjal. She likes to eat dolls, and she likes to eat chapatis and vegetables. Kajal's helper also said she loves studying for school and learns Bible verses and action songs at the center, and "She is so cute and beautiful child." I agree wholeheartedly!

The second letter was from pretty Patricia in Brazil!

The translation for Patricia's letter was a little confusing, so I am going to ask my mom's coworker to take a look at it- he spent some time in Brazil growing up, and speaks Portuguese! From what I can gather, Patricia said thanks for the letters we've sent, and enjoyed seeing the pictures, too, because it was like sharing memories with her! She also liked one of the books we've sent (probably a notebook) and said that we "remembered her" by sending it. She also sent congratulations to Brandon- I think it's because I said he was working a lot more, but Brandon actually got a promotion recently, so that was pretty good timing! : ) And as usual, she signed her name with "kisses!" She is too precious.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more letters next week!

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  1. That's sweet that Patricia congratulated Brandon! And Kajal is adorable! I'm glad you learned about her family in the letter. And I can't blame her about being scared of the doctor.... I am too!!


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