Monday, January 26, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Peru, Haiti, and Colombia

Happy Mail Call Monday!

We received three letters this week! The first was from Mishel in Peru.

Mishel shared some answers to my questions in her letter! She's pretty good about providing at least one answer in each of her letters (but I write lots of letters, and therefore, I end up asking lots of questions!) In this one, she told me about what she cooks with her mom. She specifically said they "saute" fried chicken, fried eggs, fried fish, French fries, and more! And she reminded me that she likes cooking with her mom. I think that Mishel's family's diet sounds pretty similar to that of people where I live. Mishel also said she received a notebook and card from me, and she is doing well in school. She asked for prayer for her dad, who is a little sick, and asked what kind of animals live in my area! She closed her letter with "a big hug and many kisses."

Next, we heard from Kevenel in Haiti!

I really like the fact that Kevenel's letters are written by his dad. His profile actually says that he does not live with his dad, so I'm glad that even if that information is current, his father is involved in his life, and hangs out with him at the center! Kevenel's letter was a form letter about going to the dentist. One problem though: he's never been before! Basically, in that portion of the letter, I just learned that when Kevenel does go to the dentist for the first time, he wants to go with his aunt! He also said that is family is doing well, and asked about our family. He said that his family grows "lots of fruits and vegetables" such as mangoes and plantains. Kevenel claimed in his letter that it is cold where he lives, but Haiti never gets that cold! I have had a fun time telling Kevenel and Marc about how cold it is where I live right now! He also said that he has heard of baseball, but has never seen a "baseball stick." This is in response to a letter I wrote about my city, in which I described the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory.

Finally, we got a letter from little Julian in Colombia!

I was glad to hear from Julian a little over 2 months after his last letter. It took so long to hear from our Colombian kids after we received them for correspondents- I'm looking forward to hearing from them more regularly! Julian told me he likes to hang out with his family in his free time. He also wants to be a pilot someday! I'm excited about that- I have a Disney Planes sticker book I'm going to send him soon! He said that cats and dogs are his favorite animals, but he would like to have a pet rabbit, and he would name it Bebe! Julian's tutor Elena wrote the letter for him, and she said that Julian was enjoying his holiday, and that Julian sent a hug and a kiss with his letter, and he loves me very much!! He also picked a very interesting Bible verse to send: "Do not envy the wicked; do not desire their company." From Psalm 24.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what this week brings to my mailbox. For one, Mishel's letters usually arrive within a day of Carlos', but we haven't heard from Carlos yet! We are also right on the 2 month mark since our last letter from Victor and Mary, which means that we should be hearing from them at any moment! I've also seen that several folks who received Kenyan correspondents recently have started getting letters that were written shortly before the kids were sponsored, so it would be neat to get something from my newest six girls soon!

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  1. Julian's going to love that planes sticker book!!! I'm also glad to hear that Kevenel's
    Dad is still involved. And how funny that Mishel eats so much fried food....sounds like people around me too!! I'm hoping Carlos' letter arrives soon!!!!


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