Thursday, January 1, 2015

Compassion Joys: December

I pretty much forgot about doing a Compassion Joys post for December, since I did the year in review post earlier! So here's what we are thankful for about December, specifically. : )

 Compassion Family


This month we received 14 letters! We heard from Said, Elisha, Anahi, Eduardo, Sandier, Brenda, Sharifa, Prayer, Tasya, Reine, Jayid, Carlos, Mishel, and we *finally* got our first letter from Michel in Colombia!


Our little guy Sandier turned 6 on December 28! Happy birthday, Sandier!


I've recently started keeping track of the anniversaries of when we received our sponsor kids. On December 2, we celebrated 1 year of writing to Patricia in Brazil, and on December 27, we celebrated 2 years of writing to Mary in Kenya!

Photo Updates!

This month we got new pictures of Reine in Burkina Faso, and Juan in Bolivia! Juan's new photo arrived within two weeks after we received him as a correspondent. He's officially our first kid with glasses! : )

New Kids!

Early in the month, Compassion announced that a company had decided to sponsor 1,000 children in Kenya, and they would all need correspondents. I sent a message with my requests, along with requests for my mom, our friend, one of my friends from the Tanzania trip, and I passed along the info to Brandon's cousin so she could become a first-time correspondent as well! As the month ended, we had almost all our requests filled. I received five new correspondence kids (out of six) and my mom got her boy (she's still waiting on a girl!) We are so excited about our new family members. Meet our girls....

Christine (13)

Gloria (8)

Motempa (17)

Nkoyio (16)

and Rose (11)!

As a neat bonus, Gloria, Nkoyio, and Motempa are all at the same center! I hope that Nkoyio and Motempa are friends, and they can look out for little Gloria. : ) 

December was a pretty good month! I'm excited to have all these new young ladies in our family!! 

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  1. I'm so glad you finally heard from Michel. And Juan is adorable in those glasses!!! How exciting that you were assigned Kenyan kids already! Your girls are beautiful. I hope they assign a 6th for you soon.


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