Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting to Know You: Mary

Name: Mary Mbari
Age: 19
Birthday: November 25
Country: Kenya
Sponsored since: December 2012

How we got her: After Compassion lifted the limit of 3 correspondence kids, we received a little girl named Annet in Uganda. Her sponsor dropped her after we received one letter to her (which was mistakenly sent to another sponsor!) It was really sad, but we were blessed to receive Mary shortly after that! If we hadn't lost Annet, I might have waited a while to ask for another correspondent, and therefore might have missed out on being matched with Mary!

About her family:  Mary's letters are always incredibly detailed and wonderful, but oddly enough, I don't know much about her family! The only thing I know for sure is that she lives with her parents, and she definitely has a mom- I've seen two pictures of her!! In her first letter, she named her parents and two siblings, but she has never really said much about them or their personalities, what they do, etc. In 2013, her family was able to purchase firewood and sell it as a business because of a generous gift from her financial sponsor- I don't know if they are still selling firewood, but I know they did at one time!

Hobbies and interests: Mary really likes to sing! She also loves attending church activities, and she's very outgoing and social- she spends a lot of time with her friends! And as you will see, she is incredibly wise. I love getting her letters because there are usually some pretty awesome little sayings in there!

Here are some quotes from Mary's letters throughout the past two years!

"As for me, I like socialising and making new friends. I love singing and I love my country Kenya."

"I would request you to pray for my family, country, and I, for God to open te doors for my dream of singing."

"Our country is fine and has enough peace."

"My family and I are praying for you that He will shower you with blessings."

"It is more encouraging in our life today knowing each other, even if we can't meet....I am glad that I can be able to see you. It's even beautiful looking at your city and it looks like paradise." (She liked the first photos we sent to her!!)

"I like socializing  with my friends, and also hanging out. We also talk about the challenges in life, that encourages us."

Mary's photo got updated shortly after we got her as a correspondent! 

"The Bible is one of my best books in life that encourages and gives hopes."

"Thank you for the gift you sent me, it's great knowing that there is someone who cares for me."

"As you know, this is the time of music festivals, and I know that music is part of me."

"My family and I are all fine. We pray for you each and every day because you are part of us."

"We praise and worship Him because he is the provider of all."

Mary posing with the firewood her family bought with a gift from her 
financial sponsor! 

"We were taught about God's word and it was so encouraging. I learnt many things like it's better to listen more than to talk much."

"When I am in need I usually read this verse, Psalms 121: 1-2. It says I lift my eyes to the Lord where my help will come from, my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth."

"At school I am doing great because it is a golden opportunity."

"We are lifting His name high because we have seen His mighty hand upon our lives.

"I will pray for her and also her family because God makes a way when there is no way. I also pray for you because you are such a great friend in my life and I also treasure you."

"Thank you very much for the book because it gives me hope. The book also strengthens my faith whenever I feel desperate."

"You also have a great name. When you take the first letters it becomes J^2 and also when you take my first letters it becomes M^2."

"Thank you for the support you have been giving me and may the Almighty bless the work of your hand."

Last January, we got this wonderful photo of Mary and her mom! They are holding a tuition check for Mary's schooling, which they got with a gift from her financial sponsor. 

"Remember that you are a friend among a thousand and I treasure you because I can't measure the support you give me because of the pleasure you give and compassionate."

"May our mighty provider expand your territory and bless the work of your hands."

"With God's grace, nothing is impossible."

"I love reading about the temptation of Jesus in the Bible because they help me to overcome temptations whenever I am tempted."

"I come to realize that no one was born a fool and anyone can pass exams- I have given myself a motto: if others can achieve their goals, why not me."

"I am also glad to read about the weather in your country because I h ave never seen snow, but due to your care, you sent me some photos."

"My family and I are fine and we are proud of you. I am glad for having such a caring pal. Remember, even if we never met my spirit will always be there to watch over you, to give you comfort, to give you kind heart and also to cheer you."

"I would like to thank you for your great concern about me. I believe that prayers without faith cannot move mountains. All this is connecting my prayers for you because you are a great person."

"I will pray for Denise because she is part of my family and I believe in the Lord who lives, protector, provider and a great doctor or healer that she will be more healthier than before." (She sent this after my mother in law was diagnosed with kidney cancer.)

"I received your letters and I greatly appreciate them because they motivate my attitude. I am also happy because you appreciate my letters and that we learn new ideas from one another."

"I love you Jessi and I also pray for you and I know that God showers you with much blessings and that He will expand your boundaries. Remember in every success there must be boundaries, valleys, rejection, wind blocks or breaks and even drought."

"I am glad to have received your letters and knowing there is someone who cares for me as my second sister. I am glad to have met you as my sponsor because you are so caring and you are like an angel sent from heaven by God to give me comfort."

"I would like to do catering and music because I love cooking and especially delicious meals and I love Gospel music."

"I am sorry for losing your friend Betty and may God rest her soul in peace. I will pray for her soul which I know is in heaven, and I will also pray for you to regain your strength and know that there is only one great friend who never departs and that is Jesus. I will also pray for her friends for God also make them regain their strengths. Remember that all challenges you pass through are not temptations but are there to regain your faith and make it stronger."

"I was taught in the project how to walk in a firm foundation. This is by targeting your goals and having a mission and a vision to achieve them."

"I will pray for Brandon's uncle Dennis because God is sooo just to his people and always comes at the right time." (Brandon's uncle was very sick and in need of a liver transplant. Mary's letter arrived the day after he got his new liver!!)

"I am doing all my best so that I can achieve my target and I am also dedicating my work to the Lord."

"I thank God for making each new day seem bright to my family."

"I hope your family is fine because God is not so unjust to forget his people. Jessi you are a great friend to me and I am not afraid to say this to the crowd. You are a friend in a million and may God never set us apart. You care so much for me like I am your sister."

"Remember, success is not a journey, it is a destination."

"Thank you for your letters because when I read them I usually feel great and that I have a friend who cares."

Pretty Mary's most recent photo! 


  1. Thank you so much for pointing out that although it was sad to say goodbye to your other correspondent, God used it to bring Mary into your life. I needed that reminder! It's so true that God uses those sad moments to bring other kids in. And I loved Mary's photos! She's also an incredible letter writer.

    1. She is really special! And I am still praying for Marlon to find a sponsor soon! <3

  2. I enjoyed reading all the things that Mary said to you in letters. I love that she wrote she is dedicating her work to the Lord and where she wrote that you are a great friend to her, a friend in a million, I love that :)


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