Monday, January 12, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Honduras

Happy Mail Call Monday!

This week we just got one letter, from Sandier in Honduras!

When I went to my Google Doc where I keep track of when I receive letters, I saw that we just got a letter from Sandier a month ago (almost to the day!) so this was a nice surprise! Sandier's letter was about his family. He has one sibling named Hayki, and he spends most of his time with his mom. He said that his grandmother, who lives with them, is still sick, and asked us to pray for her. Sandier also said that he has enjoyed all the little paper goodies I've been sending with his letters- he must have received the birthday folder I sent, because he mentioned the word search puzzle and coloring book! Sandier said he has never been to a zoo or a museum, but he's still pretty little- hopefully he will get to go soon! And he assured me that there are no crocodiles where he lives! I don't remember writing about crocodiles, but it's still good to know! : ) Sandier had a few questions, too. He wants to know who makes the food in my home, and if I ever go out with my family! 

I hope this week brings many more letters- we haven't heard from some of our regular writers in about two months, which means we should hear from them pretty soon! 

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  1. Sandier's letter was so cute!! That's so neat that he shared so much about his family. And the crocodile comment was adorable!!! I hope you hear from your other kids soon!!!!


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