Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting to Know You: Said

Here's my second post in my new series profile my sponsor kids!

Name: Said
Age: 16
Birthday: November 30
Country: Tanzania
Sponsored since: July 2011

How we got him: I started corresponding with kids in 2011- we got two other children earlier in the summer, and added Said at the end. At that time, a limit of three correspondence children had recently been instated, so we thought Said would be our last!

About his family: I knew when I got Said that his dad was not around. When I met him in Tanzania, I was able to ask more about his family, and learned that his dad died several years ago. He lives with his mom and his sister Moshi, and they visit his grandmother twice a year to help with planting and harvesting. He had another sister named Huba who passed away in 2013.

Hobbies and interests: Like all Tanzanians, Said loves soccer, and he's very good at it! He is also a great artist. He has drawn many pictures for me over the years, and I'm assuming he really likes jam since I've lost track of the number of jars of jam he has drawn for me. I was privileged to sit and watch Said draw in person when I visited Tanzania in March 2014! He is a quiet, gentle soul who is a really good big brother- he takes care of his family, and he also looked out for Elisha and Bonifas when we were all together for our visit day. He was also really content to just sit with me watching them play, with his hand on the arm of my chair.

Here are some quotes from his letters throughout the years!

"Said greets you saying 'shikamoo.' He says this is a greeting of juniors to seniors, and the response is 'marahaba.' So he asks you to say marahaba!"

Our first photo of Said

"I thank God for a friend from America. May God bless you for your loving heart, that you decided to choose me."

"Welcome to Tanzania, there are many animals and many national parks."

Our second photo of Said, updated in 2012

"Beloved Jessi, receive love greetings from my family and I. My mother and my sisters greet you so much together with your family."

"Praise the Lord! God is good and I hope he protects you."

In 2012, we got a photo of Said wearing the sandals and shirt he bought 
with his birthday money!

"Your letter has made me to be happy, thanks a lot for remembering me."

"Thank you for the nice letter. I am so much blessed when I get your letters."

"Receive greetings of love from me and my mother. We thank God ever here for keeping us. We also thank you for your prayers. Thank you so much for your next letter. I thank you that you told me that you had a holiday of Thanksgiving. I became very happy when I received your letter."

Representing the Big Blue Nation, all the way over in Tanzania. 

"I believe that you are proceeding well with your daily activities."

"I would like to greet you in the name of Jesus. I say, praise the Lord Jesus! My family and I hope that you are fine and getting on well with your daily works." 

"We wish to see you face to face, so we wish you to come to visit us one day in Tanzania." 

Me and my boy. He brought me a kitenge cloth from his region. 

"I greet you in the name of Jesus, praise the Lord Jesus so much. Dear friend, I am so happy to write to you." 

"God bless you so much for your lovely heart for me, I am so happy. Also my mother thanks you so much for your lovely heart. God bless you and increase you where (you) took for me." 

"Beloved Jessi, I would like to greet you in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord Jesus. beloved, I am very happy to get this chance to write you this letter." 

Said's photo got updated a few weeks after I got back from visiting him! 

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  1. It was so fun to see older photos of Said!!! He's grown up so much!!! And what a sweet guy. I love the photo of you with him!!


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