Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting to Know You: Tasya

This year I'm introducing a new feature on my blog! Every Sunday, I will do a special post telling you about each of my sponsor kids. This is actually a little bit easier than keeping the tab at the top of this page updated, and it gives me the chance to go a little more in depth, too!

For my first post, I'd like to tell you about our very first sponsor child!

Name: Tasya
Age: 12
Birthday: May 28
Country: Indonesia (East Indonesia, in north Sulawesi)
Sponsored since: July 2010

How we got her: I've written out the story of how we became sponsors before, but after much waiting to be sure we'd be able to afford it, Brandon and I became sponsors the summer after we got married. I spent hours looking over the kids- I knew I wanted a little girl. I read each of their profiles, and found Tasya. She was on the "longest waiting" list, and in her favorite activities, it said she liked to read! And I'd never seen that on a sponsor child's profile before. Literacy is very important to me, and I love reading. I knew Tasya was the one!

About her family: Tasya lives with her mom and dad. She has a little sister named Silia and an older brother. I have not been able to get a direct answer about how old her brother is, but he was hoping to be a policeman, so he went back to school. Tasya's dad is a pastor, and Tasya helps out a lot at church!

Hobbies and interests: Tasya has a servant's heart. She does a lot at church and helps other kids at the project. She also helps her family a lot. She has a dog, and she loves seeing pictures of me when I was little. In her very first letter, she said she wants to be smart! She loves math and likes to read, too. She also participates in a lot of dance and cultural competitions at the project. She plays the tambourine! Tasya is also the first and only sponsor kid so far that has sent me a craft project. When I had spine surgery in 2013, she sent me some laminated purple bookmarks with Bible verses on them. They even had tiny bits of gold ribbon! And she made a little card in the shape of a heart.

Here are some quotes from her letters throughout the years!

"There is a big rejoice in Tasya and the family' life because Miss Jessi was to be her sponsor. Tasya's family are in the protection of Lord Jesus...Tasya and her family also believe that it is all because of plan and love of Lord Jesus as a good father, can make her meet with Miss Jessi, although just by letter."

"Hello mama Jessi, When receive and read the letter from mama Jessi and father Brandon, I am so happy because my first letter has arrived to you, mama Jessi. I want to thank to you very much for write back to me." 

"There is no mouse like you are taking care of. After I saw the picture of your mouse with beautiful color, I became love to see it." (after I wrote to her about our baby ratties and sent a picture!) 

"There's lot of joy in my heart because of your kindness and cares. Mommy, I would like to thank you for everything. I will keep praying for you." 

Our first picture of Tasya

"Greetings in the love of Jesus! By this letter I'd like to tell you that it was so fun to enter the New Year 2011. All family and friends were visiting each other. The togetherness can be felt among us. That's how new year on my place." 

"28 May was a very special day for me in my life because that day was my 9 year old birthday. Although it was not celebrated with candle blowing but I thank God because He is always with me in my life."

"Dear Mama Tasya is very happy to hear stories from you. The most impressive celebration for us here is Easter. We joined the Torch Parade around our small village and on Sunday on the rise of Jesus Christ we children got Easter Eggs.....Dear mama, Tasya hopes you are happy to listen to her story, because there is no interesting activities than the activity to glorify the Lord." 

"Keep praying for me so I can be smart." 

"In the holiday, we don't eat special food. We eat just the same as usual. But I still believe the Lord Jesus helps and bless our lives." 

"Tasya will pray for mama's new little cousin, Alexander, and his parents. May Lord Jesus will always look after and protect this little baby. Oh yeah, mama! There's also a premature baby born in here who was born only in 2 ounce weight but because of God's love who always looks after and protects the baby so the baby is now in 6 kgs weight within 1 year old. So mother, please don't be worried because there's Lord Jesus Christ who will look after and protect that little baby Alexander. Amen!" (Brandon's cousin and his wife had a baby a few months early in 2011- Alexander appeared on the day of his mom's baby shower! I sent Tasya and our three correspondents at the time a photo of him, and asked them to pray that he would grow up strong. Alexander is a big boy now, so smart and takes good care of his little brother Liam- and he has a baby sister on the way, too!)

"Wow, mother! Your dog is very cute. Tasya wishes she could have a dog just like owned by mother." 

"Mama, I will always be waiting for the photo of you in finding the egg when you were still a little girl. Imagine how is your face when you're still a little girl surely you are very funny and beautiful!" (That arrived after I told her I'd try to find her a photo from a childhood Easter egg hunt! After I got this letter, I called my grandma and asked her to find a picture that night!) 

"I now believe tat God is faithful and love everyone who believe in Him. It's a great joy that should be grateful every time."

"Thank you for the photo of polar bear from you. It's been a collection of polar animals for me." 

"Despite of anything, we believe that Lord Jesus is our faithful lifesaver. We are also hoping that Lord Jesus will also help mama and family. It's also Tasya's prayer for mama and papa Brandon who are very kind."

"Thank you, Bunda, for continually praying for me. Because of your prayer, I can learn to become the best." 

Our second picture of our girl

"I am so happy I could join the project and studying about Lord Jesus. I believe Jesus is the one who looks after us all." 

"In church, the Holy Spirit is very important as Holy Spirit is one in Father and Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit is source of my strength. He teaches and gives me inspirations to know God deeper. Holy Spirit also strengthens us in doing our daily work and serving God's work. These knowledge about Holy Spirit are taught by my father." (I got this letter after I started doing a Francis Chan Bible study on the Holy Spirit, and asked my kids what they knew about the Holy Spirit!) 

Our most recent photo, from the spring of 2013. 
I hope we get an update really soon! 

"I pray hopefully mom works well. You are also a hard worker. Every day you are always in the library." 

"I celebrate Easter with joyful and simple. We go to church together, we also find Easter egg. But what we are grateful for is that Jesus has won, and the salvation became the part of my life." 

"I feel sad to know that mama is sick. I am scared to hear the word 'operation' but I believe mother can get through from it just like the first operation and I believe God will give you courage and strength to have operation. I also pray that the Lord gives wisdom to the doctors and nurses, so that the operation will be going well. Because I believe what Paul said in Philippians 4:13, 'I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth.' That's why I hope mother doesn't be scared and doubt because Lord Jesus keeps faithful to the care of and to protect us all." (I got this letter while I was recovering from my spine surgery!) 

The card Tasya made when I had surgery. If you can see through the little window, it has a Bible verse, and she wrote "Good Days!"

I love my little Tasya so much! I don't get as many letters from her as I used to, but I still have a very special connection with her, and she holds a big piece of my heart.


  1. Oh, she's such a sweetie! Are these "getting to know you" pages going to be weekly, daily, or just whenever? Thanks! Love your blog!

    1. Hi, and welcome! And thank you! I'm hoping to have a new post every Sunday. :)

    2. Awesome thank you these posts, especially the part with letter quotes, are really awesome and creative I just might do some on my Compassion kids for my blog. :)

  2. What a sweet girl!!! I loved seeing her grow up though photos. And the craft is so cute and thoughtful!! It was fun learning more about Tasya.

    1. I hope we get a new picture of her soon!! I can't wait to see how she's grown since March 2013!


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