Monday, November 26, 2012

Sweet Greetings

On Mondays, blogging Compassion sponsors often post the letters they may have received during the week. I am linking up with Blogging from the Boonies- please check out Michelle's lovely blog and the wonderful Compassion-related resources she posts there.

This week we received a short letter from Said, thanking us for the birthday gift we sent, and telling us what he bought (a shirt and sandals.) His birthday is actually in four days, but we sent his gift in plenty of time, so we already received a quick note about it! That's pretty cool.

Stapled to the note was a waxy brown envelope. I opened it up, and found a picture of Said wearing his birthday gifts! I was so excited (and still am!) It took forever to get an updated photograph of Said, so to receive this picture felt extra special. I'm so thankful that Said's project has easy access to a camera so they can send pictures like this to sponsors (my mother in law sponsors a little girl in the same project, and she got a picture after sending Suzan's birthday gift, too.)

I really hope we hear from Annet and Victor soon. Annet joined our far away family more than two months ago, and we haven't yet received even a form letter from her. I am eager to get to know her and Victor, so I hope I hear from them soon!


  1. Said is so handsome in his new clothes!!! What a treat to get a photo of him!!! I hope you hear from your other kids soon too!!

  2. I love extra photos too! I got one a couple weeks ago. I love getting first letters. It makes the kids in the picture come alive, so to speak. :)


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