Monday, March 7, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Tanzania, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Honduras

Happy Mail Call Monday- bedrest edition!

I am on bedrest for a few days as I recover from some severe sprains in my lower back and hip. Hopefully by being forced to rest for a little while, I will be able to recover fully instead of just coast and go about my daily tasks while in extreme pain! Hanging out in bed all day is giving me plenty of time to respond to letters. The first one we received this past week was from Bonifas!

Bonifas' letter was a long time coming! We hadn't heard from him in seven months, and this letter took a long time to get to us once it was processed! Bonifas said that our letters are a blessing, and he was hoping we had a good Christmas. He also asked that we pray "that God will change the life situation at his home" and that his dad will come to know Jesus. 

The next letter was our first letter from Edmundo in the Philippines! 

Edmundo's letter was very friendly! He said he went to leadership training at his church with some other kids at the center, and they learned a lot and played games! In November, he got to play in a basketball game, and his team won! He asked how we celebrated Christmas and New Year's, and asked that we pray for his mom. 

We also got our first letter from Frainelyn in the Dominican Republic! 

This introduction letter was sent before Frainelyn was made aware that I was taking over her sponsorship for my mom, so she doesn't know who I am yet! She shared that her mom's name is Iris, her dad's name is Rafael, and she has a brother named Frailin and a sister named Franjeli. She likes pink, and she likes to eat "spaghettis." How adorable!! 

Next was a letter from Merlyn in the Philippines! 

Merlyn said she was glad that she's been receiving many letters from us, and she asked that we pray for the people of the Philippines, as many "houses" were broken in a typhoon that moved through in December. She said that she and her mom were kept safe! She said she was not "water baptized" yet, and she really likes the movie Frozen- her favorite character is Olaf! She said that for Christmas, she got groceries and a stuffed toy. How sweet! She asked about our holiday celebrations and said she is praying that Jesus will give us "good bodies." How cute!

The same day, we got another letter from Mishel in Peru! 

Mishel shared that she is doing great in school, especially in math! Sh asked what my favorite subject was when I was in school, and she was praying for my dad's carpal tunnel surgery. She closed her letter with a kiss! 

Lastly, there was a letter from Sandier in Honduras! 

This letter is a bit tricky, because it was an "about me" form letter, and Sandier said he likes to go by his second name, Jafeth! But I've been calling him Sandier for two years now, and that's what his tutor writes. So I will still call him Sandier on here and when I talk about him, but when I send his letters, I will probably write "Sandier Jafeth." Fun. Sandier said that he is really good at mopping (wow!) and he likes to play ball. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up! Sandier's tutor Iris wrote his letter. She said he didn't know what an alpaca was, but now he knows because we sent pictures. He said it's rainy and cold where he lives, and he doesn't like the rain because he can't play with his friends. He hasn't been baptized yet, but apparently he has until he turns 12. Or he will do it when he turns 12. His family is doing well, and he drew a happy little yellow house with butterflies! 

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  1. I'm so glad you heard from Bonifas again. And that you got two first letters!! I'm so proud of Mishel for liking math ;) And what a fun letter from Sandier...or Jafeth. It's always a bit of an adjustment to learn about a kids' name preference change.


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