Friday, March 25, 2016

Project Letter: UG-305

Here's a letter from our Caleb's project in Uganda! 

Dear Jessi, 

I am Sarah W, the project director of (UG-305) attended by your sponsored child, located in the eastern region of Uganda. On behalf of (our project), I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation for the immeasurable contribution of this ministry of releasing children out of various forms of poverty. The support that is received from you has changed the life story of Caleb that you sponsor.

During the centre day, children in their different age groups are engaged in different activities. Children begin with cleaning the church and bathrooms. Thereafter children assemble for devotions. After prayers they take breakfast and move to their curriculum classes. There is evident spiritual development among the youth. A good number of them have shown interest in sharing the gospel of Christ with their peers, they are involved in church ministry, students from our centre take readings and sing in the church choir and are also involved in the youth ministry.

There is a student in senior four who received a special gift from her sponsor. With this gift she was able to top up her school fees for the whole year, and even join the boarding section. Because of this gift, she will be able to carry out her studies without any interruptions. She will also have access to all the school programs since she is now a resident at school. This gives her a better chance to perform much better in her exams. We are grateful for this support.

We received a Compassion grant and with these funds we installed a water tank of 10,000 liters which has greatly improved the hygiene and sanitation at the centre. The challenge of drinking unsafe water was solved for the children at the centre and the families in the neighboring community. We bless the Lord for this intervention.

One of the most exciting moments at the centre is when children receive letters from their sponsors. As their names are read at the assembly, the air literally fills with joy. Sponsor letters are so significant to the child's life as the child feels loved, cared for and so special, thought about and valued. It's true that sponsors communicate with a lot of love and letters are a source of encouragement. Some children who don't receive letters have this as a prayer request and those who are bold will ask why their sponsors do not write to them.

My greatest moment is seeing transformed lives, children who join the program so little, shy, reserved, unfriendly growing from one stage of development to another is amazing. The spiritual aspect has had the most impact because it's the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of all wisdom. 

We encourage that you continue to uphold the children's ministry at this centre, safety for children as they go to school and back home. We pray that the children in the program will be able to realize their potential and end the cycle of poverty.

We thank you so much for the love and caring you show to Caleb. We pray that the Lord will enlarge your territory, bless the work of your hands, look upon you with favor and bless you in every way.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from Caleb's project, please consider little Claudius! He is so cute! Claudius is 6 years old and his birthday is November 6. He likes playing just about every game imaginable, and he enjoys reading stories! Read more about him here.

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  1. I love that they were able to get a grant for a water tank!!! It's so nice to hear examples of how the complimentary interventions help our own kids.


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