Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Letter: ID-141

We got a HUGE stack of partner directors recently. It was great to read about what's going on at our kids' centers! Here's the letter from Tasya's center! 

Dear Jessi,
I am Joseph G., project director of (ID-141.) We serve your sponsored child, Tasya. Thank you for giving financial support and prayer for Tasya. Once again I thank you.

At the center, we spend time on a wide range of activities beneficial to the growth of the children. The daily activities at the center teach the curriculum and extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts, environmental cleanup, worship, and others. Every year we have special celebrations, including the birthday of the center, Easter, Indonesian Independence Day, and Christmas. We also do a child-protection advocacy campaign each year.

Children 3-11 of age very quickly adjust to others and become gregarious and helpful. The 3-5 year olds have begun to pray before meals and at bedtime, say thank you, distinguish between good and bad things, and be obedient to parents and to God.

Children ages 12-14 already lead daily worship, birthday services, and Christmas worship. As teenagers, they are taught how to prepare for their life ahead and become independent. They learn to manage natural resources. They can make cakes, banana chips, candied nutmeg, and sweet walnut snacks. We hope their abilities continue to grow and they can do business and earn income with these skills.

The sponsor relationship with the child through correspondence is very close. The children are very excited when they receive a letter from their sponsor. Sponsor letters encourage children to have more enthusiasm in their activities. Children are always waiting to write a letter so they can tell all they experience to the sponsor. Although it is only through the mail, communication between the sponsor and child can work well. Correspondence between older children and their sponsors takes place very smoothly, because they can write on their own. Smaller children get help from parents, siblings, or tutors. Gifts from sponsors also have a huge influence on the children and make them more diligent in following the activities at the center.

I want to give special attention to the children and the environment of the church and the community for the name of the Lord. I feel compelled and responsible to serve vulnerable children who have few resources. I hope I can encourage children to live close to the Lord Jesus in every circumstance. We hope that someday they became outstanding witnesses for the glory of the Lord.

I personally feel delighted with the support prayer from the sponsors. Children, parents, and the center staff are also very excited  for the sponsorship. We pray for the sponsors. We ask for your prayer for the children, so that they have strength and health. Please pray that the center can develop, increase in quality, and always help children who are less able. Please pray also for the community surrounding the center so together we can help to serve and care for the children.

I am grateful for your willingness to support Tasya. Jesus surely bestows his blessing for you. Our staff, tutors, and children say many thanks to you.

There are currently no children at Tasya's center who are available for sponsorship, but Puput doesn't live to far away! She is 16 years old and her birthday is November 20. She lives with her mom and dad, and two other children. To learn more about Puput, click here. 

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  1. That's so wonderful that they do a child protection campaign once a year!! I love these letters too. And I love how you just swapped the project number for the name. I was just using the project name initials, but some of them are crazy long! I think I'll go back and change mine.


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