Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pastor's Letter: Tanzania (TZ813)

Here's another pastor's letter- also from a center I visited in 2014!

My name is Amos M.. I am the pastor of the Kibaoni FPCT Church and the Kibaoni Child Development Center where we minister to Ester.

Thank you for sponsoring Ester and supporting our ministry. You and the other sponsors in the program help us to serve the poorest children here and release them from extreme poverty in Jesus' name.

The service of the center and our ministry is having a large impact on the children here. We develop them holistically in the physical, spiritual, cognitive, and socio-emotional areas of their lives. The children here have their basic needs met in that they receive clothes, food, and shelter, and medical checkups to keep them healthy and strong. We teach them the Bible and the Word of God and they are developing well spiritually. They are learning to appreciate the love of God in their lives. At the center we also help them with their education by providing school fees and uniforms and materials, as well as tutoring and counseling. Not only that but also, we help them in their socio-emotional lives and they are learning to interact and play with others and developing respect and good behaviors.

One of the more important aspects of our program is the relationship that the children establish with their sponsors through letter writing. When the children receive letters, they feel happy and loved and remembered. The letters encourage them to work hard in their lives and help them develop confidence and pride. It is important for Ester to feel this way and for you to write letters. The children who do not hear from their sponsors feel sad and discouraged.

Thank you for sponsoring Ester. May God bless you abundantly physically as well as spiritually.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one also! I love the pastor's letters and it's so fun to see the photos of the actual project.


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