Monday, March 7, 2016

Mary P needs a sponsor!

I got a phone call from Compassion this afternoon informing me that our lovely Mary Paola in Ecuador has lost her financial sponsor. Unfortunately we are unable to pick her up at this time, but I have her on hold for a couple of weeks, in the hopes that I can find her a new sponsor among my family and friends. :)

We've only heard from Mary P, as I like to call her, once or twice, because letters can be a bit slow going to and from her project. Instead of being based out of a single church, like most Compassion projects, EC-261 is situated in the middle of the jungle, and is community based. Missionaries deliver the letters and pick them up in a little airplane, as I understand it. It really is a neat program, very unique, and very special. There is also a facebook group where sponsors who have visited this project share photos and videos. It's pretty amazing!

Mary P.'s birthday was just on February 1, and she turned 15. She recently had a photo update, so we have three photos of her, all of which I can send to her new sponsor. Her photos are below, starting with the newest one. If you are interested in sponsoring Mary P., please let me know. They are holding her for me until April 3! You can comment on this post or email me at hellojessi01(at)

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  1. I'm praying for Mary Paula and I'm hoping to share about her on my blog soon.


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