Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Project Letter: KE-313

Here's a letter from the director of the project our Victor attends in Kenya!

My name is Erick A., and I am the project director at (KE-313) attended by your sponsor child. We are located in Kisumu County in Western Kenya. Thank you for sponsoring Victor.

I want to thank all the sponsors of our children for the love and support that you provide to your sponsored child. Your partnership with us to release children from their extreme poverty is the impetus towards hope and change in their lives. Thank you to all for your letters, photos, and gifts that bring such joy and smiles to them. This is a partnership to restore hope where hope was lost and to provide healing where wounds were incurable as well as providing solace to the homeless. I know with certainty that you have a special place in the heart of your sponsored child.

The center takes the children through a holistic child development program which seeks to bring up the children spiritually, cognitively, physically, and socio-emotionally. Thanks be to God that through the curriculum, our children are achieving positive results that make them feel encouraged and hopeful. They are encouraged to think that they can come out of their problems, that they can become successful people, and that they can be what they have dreamed for themselves.

Memory verse recitation during our discipleship program has greatly benefited one of our youngest children by improving his reading and writing skills. Since reciting Bible verses involves reading the Bible as well as writing down the text, this child's spiritual growth has been good because he loves finding more verses to recite.

Alongside impactful activities for the younger children are interactive programs for our teens. Having given her life to Christ, one of our older girls has not only preached the gospel to other children at the center, but has also been involved in various outreaches that have led to over 70 people giving their lives to Christ. This girl has further changed the lives of many students at her secondary school. Being a Christian union representative on the school council, she is demonstrating servant leadership with her mentoring and counseling skills. Through the income-generating skills workshops we offer at the center, she has become proficient in tailoring and dressmaking. Her dresses are sold at our center's store, and now she desires to take her skills to the next level where she can earn an income from dressmaking to put food on her family's table.

Please pray for our children's ministry at the church, that it will continue growing from strength to strength and be able to meet our target of evangelizing our community. With your prayers, we trust the Lord with winning more souls to Him. Pray that our children will become fulfilled Christian adults. Pray, also, for our leadership at the center. Thank you, again, for sponsoring Victor. It is my prayer that the Almighty God continues to touch you in a special way so that His glory and love can be seen in you.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Victor's center, please consider beautiful  Elavian. She is 7 years old, and her birthday is August 15. Elavian is an orphan and is in the care of her uncle. I am sure that if someone I know were to sponsor Elavian, Victor would be happy to seek her out and "adopt" her as a little sister!! :) <3 a="" about="" her="" href="http://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/child-biography.htm?needKey=KE3130352&referer=130694" more="" read="">here. 

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  1. How neat that the girl is now a proficient tailor and dressmaker!! I love stories like that.


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